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I am nearing the 100th post on my blog!  That is pretty exciting!  I can remember when I first had the desire to blog (about 2 years ago!).  Yes, I let every excuse in the book stop me!

I will be doing something exciting later this week to celebrate, and sharing some FREE goodies for my readers later this month to show my appreciation.

If I write it…will they read it?

I remember thinking that my experiences and the things I’m learning could be beneficial to other people. Yet, I wasn’t so sure that anybody would even read any of my posts.  I’m excited to say that people are reading my posts, and finding them valuable!

The number of page views on my blog has steadily increased since I began tracking a few months ago. By the end of this month my monthy page views will be well over 3 times what they were just a few months ago.  That encourages me to keep doing my best to create content that is valuable to you, my readers.

Learning and growing…together!

I have learned so much since I began, as each time I sit at my computer to write I seem to learn something new.  I’ve also connected with many great people, and learned from them as well.  One thing I am striving for, is to create a community, a “tribe“, of people who look to learn from one another, encourage one another, and share with one another.  When I learn something new I look to share it with the “tribe” via my blog posts, and/or social media.

What bothers you?  What are you passionate about?

Part of the inspiration of my blog came from the things that bothered me the most.  Some things that I struggled with, and wanted to overcome, or improve, began to become my passions.  I am naturally passionate about my family, but my frustrations began to push me to do more.

The fuel that drives us to GET better

I love my wife and our marriage, yet we have watched as friends and family have gone through divorce. Often times dealing with some of the same issues that we were facing.

I believe my children are intelligent, but I felt like there was more for them in regard to what and how they were learning.  They have unique skills, talents, and interests that both my wife and I want to help them develop.  The traditional school model wasn’t the best for that, but homeschooling can be.

There is a certain level of excitement that comes over me when discussing, analyzing, and working through the risks of a being an entrepreneur.  But honestly, I have not reached the level of success in my career as an entrepreneur that I had hoped for, after starting my first business 10 years ago.  What do successful entrepreneurs do and how are they different.  How can I learn and improve from that? 

I am “healthy” by most standards.  My weight is where it should be for a person my height, I have had no sickness or physical issues that prevent me from living my life in a somewhat “normal” way.  Yet, I know many people who seemed healthy, only to suddenly have their bodies overtaken by some disease or sickness.  I’ve witnessed the quality of life of people deteriorate as they’ve aged.  What leads to “seemingly” healthy people getting to that point, while others seem to have the energy, strength, and vitality of someone in their 20’s?

These struggles drive me to GET better, and to help as many people as I possibly can GET better!  My blog is the platform where I can do that.  I want this platform to be the best it can possibly be.  I need you, my “tribe”, my readers, in order for that to happen.

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Below are some of my best posts, according to my readers.  There is a list of my top 10 posts as far as page views go, and below that a list of my top 10 posts as far as comments go.  You may see some familiar posts.  Those that are not familiar, take a look at them and share your thoughts.  This will help me to write the content that you want to read, as well as create some awesome things for you in the near future.

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I believe that better things are coming, and The Best of, for all of us, has not come yet!
What attracted you to my blog?  What type of content of mine would you like to see more of? Please share in the comment section below.



Jul 10, 2012