Whiteboard Quote of the Day – Your Competition is Preparing TODAY!

Over the past few weeks I have been really focused on my work ethic, and how that more than talent itself determines how successful you or I can be.  I grew up playing sports competitively, played through college, and still play today.  One thing that still resonates with me from sports is that there is always somebody practicing, training, and preparing to be better and to beat you.

Your “competition” is preparing TODAY!

Many times that thought was a motivating factor during my practice times.  Knowing that somebody else, that I may or may not know existed, was shooting hundreds of shots per day, somebody else was fielding hundreds of ground balls, or running laps to condition their body,  helped me press through when I didn’t feel like it.

Although I do not participate competitively like that anymore, I do have dreams and goals for my family, my business, and even my blog.  So when I don’t feel like writing, in the back of my mind I know somebody else is typing away and creating the content that may attract my potential readers.

On a more personal note, when I don’t regularly practice spending time and teaching my children, then as they get older the competition of outside influences such as technology, their peers, entertainment, or TV/media will win at occupying their time and serve as their teacher/primary influence.  I want to limit that as much as possible, and I know they are all preparing today (think of the millions of dollars spent on technology and advertising).

I am not sure what, or who, is competing against you in your career, family, or the other important things in your life, but you best believe your competition is preparing today!  Competition you may not even know exists.  I encourage you to prepare so you can compete at your highest level and give yourself the best shot at winning.

Question:  In what ways can you better prepare yourself to be successful in what you are doing in your career right now?

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14 thoughts on “Whiteboard Quote of the Day – Your Competition is Preparing TODAY!

  1. Interesting article, thanks Jackie.  Do think that we only really compete against our selves personally… we can all aim for personal bests when we’re doing that.  😉

    • Well said Ruth.  I appreciate your perspective. The ultimate competition is against ourselves…when we prep & win in that arena, being prepared for anything external naturally happens.  Thanks for your comment!

  2. I really like your attitude. I need a bit of a kick up my backside sometimes, and maybe having this quote up near my workspace might just achieve that. Thanks for a great post.

    • Thanks Isi! I am a visual person so having reminders around me are very helpful in keeping me on track, or like you said keeping a constant “kick up my backside” so I stay focused. 🙂

  3. Actually, just as important, Jackie, is that the WORLD is changing today.  What is acceptable today may be passe tomorrow.  Or, the world no longer accepts the concepts of yesterday.
    Think of railroads.  Think of ocean liners (on 1 April 1902, for example).  Think of Telegrams.  Be prepared to notice trends as they occur- and modify your offering and your services to match.

    • Great insight.  Change is constant…great quote on change that kind of sums it up:

      “If you don’t like change you are going to like irrelevance even less.” – Gen. Eric Shinseski

  4. Without making a long comment, Jackie, this statement  “I have been really focused on my work ethic” combined with the idea of always preparing for the purpose of being the best you can during the varied life “races” we all find ourselves a part of each day of our lives…caught my attention.  



  5. Right now I am preparing myself with information. Somethings that seem to come so easy to others take this mom a longer time to learn and use. But thats ok, I just have to keep on keeping on!