May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month


Do you need a reason to get that workout program started?? Do you need someone to go through it with you??  I recently learned that the month of May is National Physical Fitness and Sport Month.  This means that people all over the country will be getting active this month!  And so should you!

I am currently making some major changes in my lifestyle and getting back to regular physical activity is one of them.  Last month I began my transition to plant-based eating, and I was also to begin regular exercise by playing basketball at least once per week and running 2-3 days per week.  I did begin playing basketball, but I have yet to lace up a pair of running shoes.  That is why I am happy I learned about National Physical Fitness and Sport Month!

The timing couldn’t be better for me as this month I plan to do what I didn’t do last month, and GET active! So I have challenged myself to complete one physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day during the month of May.  My goal is to recreate the habit that I use to have of working out daily.  I have no specific exercise regimen planned except for consistently doing something active every day in May.  That 30 minutes may be spent chasing our kids in the backyard, a family walk, playing basketball, weight training, bike riding, playing Wii Fit, or running.  Consistency is my goal for the month, to prepare myself for more rigorous activities in the months to come.

I just completed a 30 day Ultimate Blog Challenge and my results and growth were tremendous!  So I decided to open my personal challenge up to others as well.   If you have been hoping for somebody to help hold you accountable, somebody to share your success (or struggles) with, or want to learn more about what others are doing then this challenge can benefit you.  Join the challenge and let’s GET active together!  When you sign up beginning May 1st, you’ll receive your #GETActive30 checklist to keep you on track, ideas for exercises and physical activities, and encouragement from me and our #GETActive30 Facebook Group.  All FREE!

[***UPDATE***:  The #GETActive30 Day Challenge will take place every 4 months.  The months of January, May, and September.  Please join our Facebook Group, to stay connected with others who have participated and to stay engaged, encouraged, and excited! 🙂]

Question: What has been your biggest challenge that has kept you from exercising?

Apr 30, 2012