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Hi, my name is Jackie, and JackieBledsoe.com is my blog.  Thanks for visiting!  Read on to learn how my blog can help you grow as the leader of your family.

JackieBledsoe.com - About Jackie Bledsoe

The Bledsoes

Who my blog can help

I launched this blog in early 2012, and it is rapidly growing into a vibrant and engaged community of people looking to improve their family life, their work life, and the lives of those around them.

What I blog about

I help motivated but overwhelmed husbands and fathers learn how to lead and love their families so they can have lasting, fulfilling marriages and meaningful influence on their kids.

Below are some of the topics I write about:

I normally publish two new posts per week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail. I also accept a select amount of advertising.

JackieBledsoe.com - About Jackie Bledsoe

Me and the love of my life, my beautiful wife, Stephana.

Why I blog

Being Family-Centered is Important I am very passionate about family, and I work hard to balance my personal, family, and professional lives. I believe faith and family is the foundation of all other aspects of our lives.  I work hard to center my personal life and professional life around my faith and my family, not the other way around. I try to do this in a way that helps me, as well as those I’m connected with.

We Must Constantly Learn and Grow I am constantly seeking to learn new things and apply them to my life. One thing I have learned through blogging and interacting with my readers is there are other people with similar passions. There are many people who place a high value and priority on faith and family.

Our Duty is To Share and Teach My blog has become my outlet for sharing these lessons and connecting with all who share these values, and want to join us.  As this happens you grow, I grow, and our families, companies, and communities receive the benefits.

About my family

I’ve been happily married to my wife, Stephana, since June of 2001. Well, not always happily. We’ve had some issues, but what we’ve learned in overcoming them enables me to understand those of you who are experiencing the same.

We have one daughter, Jaicey, and two sons, Jackson and Joshua. And similar to our marriage, our parenting journey hasn’t been without challenges, but we’ve grown through them.

We live in Indianapolis, Indiana. In my free time, I enjoy dating my wife, coaching my kids sports teams, running, and playing basketball.

JackieBledsoe.com - About Jackie Bledsoe

Me and my boys, Joshua and Jackson

I come from a line of family men, my father and grandfather, who shared a passion for their family. This passion drove them to be the best they could be in leading and loving their famliy, experiencing both success and failures along the way.

I’ve followed suit and through my experiences I’ve learned just how difficult it can be to effectively lead and love my family. And the three of us are not alone. Many men have similar struggles.

What I’ve experienced, and the lessons I’ve learned are not only valuable to Bledsoe family men, but all family men. You can benefit from what I’ve learned and use it as a template to better lead and love your family.

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My daughter, Jaicey, and I

Where to find my popular posts

Here are a few of my posts that my readers have enjoyed. Check them out!


Parenting/Homeschooling/Sports Parenting

Family leadership

These are just a few! Remember my site is updated with two fresh new blog posts per week!

Where else to find my writing and speaking

For the past couple years I’ve also been a regular contributor to several well-known and award winning sites like Tony Dungy’s AllProDad , Disney’s Babble, Black and Married with Kids (BMWK), the NFL’s USA Football (USAF), and Coach Up. In addition, I’ve been featured multiple times on HuffPost Live and Yahoo! Shine, and was one of the official speakers at an Indianapolis Colts sponsored event for All Pro Dad.

Here are some of my most popular posts and segments from those sites.

All Pro Dad




Coach Up

Yahoo! Shine

HuffPost Live

How you can contact me

I want to be available to you as much as I can. Sometimes life gets crazy and it takes me some time to respond, but I do my best to respond in a timely manner. Here are the best ways to reach me.

  • Blog Comments – I really appreciate when you comment on my posts, and I do my best to respond to all of them. Let me know your thoughts on my posts and how I can best help you.
  • Email – Email is almost old school with today’s tech. But nonetheless it is very reliable, and almost everyone has an email address. Shoot me an email and let’s have a conversation.
  • Twitter – My favorite…I really like Twitter! Quick, easy, and to the point. Follow me @jbledsoejr then send me @mention or reply.
  • Facebook – One-billion plus users strong. “Everybody and their mamma” is on Facebook, literally. I respond to your comments and mentions on my Facebook Page. LIKE my Page and let’s start a conversation!

I Look Forward to Hearing From You!


This is my personal blog.  The opinions I express here do not necessarily represent those of any employer, company, or organization that I am affiliated with.  The information I provide is on an as-is basis. I make no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this blog and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

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40 thoughts on “About Jackie

  1. Without digging deeper into the material, can someone tell me if their material is faith based? Christian in particular? Thanks!

  2. I saw you featured out on Platform University and I think what you are doing is great. I especially like the 7 rings of marriage and shared it with my wife. Keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Jackie,
    Like many of your other readers, I learned about you from the Blog makeover videos from Michael Hyatt. It was so inspiring to watch your changes, I look forward to making those changes on my blog as well 🙂
    I love your topic, it is so relevant, and important. I will definitely be reading it, sharing it with my hubby, and also sharing it with as many others as I can!! My hubby and I do some marriage coaching through Marriage Team, and I am going to be so happy to share your blog with them!!
    Congratulations on your successes!! They are well deserved!! Keep up the great work!!

    • Hey Myhriah!

      Thanks for your encouraging words! I really appreciate them, and I’m glad the videos have inspired work. Our marriages need the work you and your husband are doing. Keep on keeping on! 🙂

      Also, thanks for sharing my blog with your team!

  4. Love the site Jackie! My wife and I were watching Michael Hyatt’s video, when she said, “I know I’m supposed to like Michael, but I really like this Jackie guy. You need to checkout his blog. He seems like the nicest guy.”
    Great job, and thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Hi Jackie, i came to know about your blog when i watched Michael Hyatt’s video and i can see the big change on your blog and i really love it. I will constantly check and i have even stared your site on my pc. Great Job

  6. Jackie,
    I left a comment on your most recent post regarding the Penn State penalties and it’s not showing. Not sure if it got moderated out or went to your spam folder, as I also left a link to a post where I had “tagged” you to engage you in a “game” of blog tag ~ an exchange of questions and answers shared between bloggers to find out more about each other and to introduce readers to other blogs with interesting and relevant content.

    I did that because I appreciate you following me and I have enjoyed and been edified by what I have read of your blog so far, and I think others who read and follow me, may connect with your content.