11 Reasons Why Married Life Is The Best Life


Today I have been married to my beautiful wife for 11 years.  It amazes me to think that 11 years ago on this day, we made a lifelong commitment to one another and to God.  What also amazes me is that we have know each other more than half our lives, we met over 19 years ago, and she still decided to marry me! 🙂

The Best Life

Over the years we have experienced many things.  We have experienced highs and lows, we have experienced fun times, and not so fun times.  We have accomplished some goals, yet have still many more to accomplish.  Through it all, I would not trade married life for any other life.  I truly believe Married Life is the Best Life.  Below are 11 Reasons why I believe so.

Married Life makes you a better person.  Before married life, it was “me, me, ME!”  My primary concern was what would benefit me.  A selfish life doesn’t work in a married life.  I have grown, and still am growing, from selfish to selfless.

Always have someone to share your greatest experiences with.  Have a great day at work, when you come home you have someone to share it with.  Have some difficulties, you have someone to listen and provide perspective on it.

Real long life.  Married people live longer.  Studies show that married men live longer than single men, and are less likely to die of infectious disease or heart disease.  As you age you have someone to help you with the things you could no longer do.

Root of a family.  Marriage is the root, or foundation that you can build a family on.  So many studies show the negative effect of children raised without a father, or in single parent homes.  I am not saying that single parents cannot raise good and successful children, but being married increase the chances of doing so.

Intimacy.  Let’s be real.  Sometimes men and women have a different opinion of what defines intimacy. However, when both realize what translates into intimacy for the other, and seeks to provide the intimacy desired, there will be happy times spent together. 😉

Earnings increase.  Studies show that married men and women are a boost to your earnings.  Some estimates show that married men make 40% more than comparable single men.

Double the pleasure.  When you marry your spouse, you marry his/her family as well.  In-laws can be a point of contention for some married couples, but I don’t believe it was designed that way.  When you love your spouse, you love who he/she loves.  It is not always easy, but love conquers all.  Now you have double the people to love and support you, and so does your spouse.

Love.  The bible says there the greatest of these is love.  God created us to love one another, and there is no greater expression of love than a husband and a wife.

Interest.  It is wonderful when you have shared interest with someone.  When you have shared goals, and you strive together to reach them.  When you create and strive for goals individually you experience great growth, when you do them as a couple you experience exponential growth.

Friendship. Being truly friends is a wonderful thing about marriage.  When you reach BFF status in your marriage you have reached a great place.  Just like every every friendship you don’t always agree, but your friendship becomes more important than any of the differences you have.

Experiences and memories you create together.  The day we got married is one of the best of days of my life.  We have had many other great experiences including the birth of our 3 children.  We’ve laughed uncontrollably and cried uncontrollably, and all have been placed in our memory banks to discuss and relive later.

It Gets Better

As you can see the last 11 years have been wonderful.  Not without challenges, but I could not imagine spending them with anyone else, except Stephana Bledsoe!  I look forward to the next 11, the next 11, the next 11, the next 11 and so on, and believe each year will be better and better as we grow.

Question: Did I miss anything?  What would you add to the list?  Please share in the comment section below.


Jun 16, 2012