Why Homeschooling Is A No Brainer

We are finishing our 3rd year of homeschool, and are more than knee deep in the homeschool lifestyle.  This year is the 1st year that our entire family was involved. As we close out the school year I am even more excited and committed to continue this path. When you look at the benefits of homeschooling for your children and for you it is evident that Homeschooling is a No Brianer!

The following 7 points are just a few of the reasons why I say Homeschooling Is A No Brainer:

You cannot make up for lost time

Time spent with your children can be limited. We have roughly 18 years with them before they leave the safe confines of our homes. One-hundred percent of parents I have talked to say that time goes by way to fast. Homeschooling brings our family together allowing us to spend many hours of quality time every day.

Your family values take precedence

Our Christian values are very important to us, therefore it is important that our kids have a solid foundation in Christ as well. In our school we can pray, read the bible, or discuss John 3:16. And we do…daily! To us this foundation is equally, if not more, important to learning algebra, social studies, or any other subject.

Your are involved in a major aspect of their lives

We know exactly what our kids are learning. We know what they are good at, what they struggle with, and what they like/dislike. And we get to work through it with them. We get to focus on building their skills, not retaining info long enough to pass a test and move on.

An education made specifically for your kids

We are able to tailor what our kids learn to meet their interests and skill level. We can go as deep, as fast, or as slow as necessary to make sure each particular child is learning in the best way for them. This flexibility allows us time to determine and pursue their individual passions.

Accomplishing something with your child has very few equals

We learn right along side our kids so they get to see and work with us in solving problems and overcoming challenges. We model the skills and techniques that will help them learn and retain anything in any environment and to become lifelong learners.  Encountering and solving problems brings families together.

Real life experience is a better teacher than theory

Exposure to and development of important life skills begins early. In the real world you don’t spend 6 hours per day with people that are your same age. Our kids interact and work with kids younger and older as well as adults, which prepare them for the same in the future. Our kids witness and experience “adult life” such as banking, bill paying, business meetings, time management, etc.

Your kids are yours and nobody loves them more

I personally love to teach, and I love my kids. Not too many things can beat being involved with two things you enjoy so much.  There is nobody that will pour more care, have more concern, or work harder for your kids than you.

Question: Do you homeschool your children? Would you ever consider doing so?

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12 thoughts on “Why Homeschooling Is A No Brainer

  1. Hi Brandy!  That is great, I would love to connect with your husband!  I have subscribed to your blog for several months now and I have to say it is one of the BEST homeschool and CC blogs I’ve come across.  One of your posts about your day as an Essentials parent/tutor was the guide that I used to help shape our days/weeks and year in Essentials this year. Thanks! 🙂

  2. That’s a great list of reasons to homeschool. I think, of them all, the one that surprised me (in our homeschool life) was the “solving problems brings families together.” We have had to work out some stuff, but we aren’t able to shrink back from conflicts; we love each other and we choose to work out issues, and it DOES bring us closer together. I also didn’t really think about how much the Lord would use homeschooling to grow me, but boy has He ever! Thanks for an encouraging post!

  3. I love homeschooling! It’s not without it’s frustrations though. My boy is an only child, and an active and distractible one, so I am “on” all the time. Still I wouldn’t trade this life for any other. It’s a real blessing.

  4. I am not sure I would have the patience to homeschool.  That said, I would consider it depending on where we lived and what the other schooling options were like.  Where we live now, my kids will be going to a Christian school.

    • Thanks for commenting Kelly!

      Homeschooling can be a character builder for us parents.  It puts you face to face with the good and bad in your child…every day all day!  My wife and I discuss regularly how we see ourselves (impatience, lack of discipline, work ethic, etc) in our children while working with them.  I admit that is tough, but I hope we all grow from it…and not kill one another in the process! 🙂

      Our daughter started out in a Christian school (was the school at our church), and then went to a public school that ranked higher than many others here.  I truly believe homeschooling is something a parent is called to.  Various things drew us closer and closer before both our hearts opened up to it and accepted it.

  5. Let’s not forget, though, that our love is not a good teacher by itself; it must be accompanied by some pedagogical principles. I mean, we must be educated in teaching first (even minimally), before attempting to educate our children.

    • Thanks for commenting Eleni!

      I believe that a parent’s love drives them to equip/educate themselves in all that is needed to best teach their children.  Just like we do everything we can to make sure our kids are fed, have clothes, a roof over their head.  When you homeschool you take on that same mindset in regard to your kids education.That adds to the beauty of homeschool…as a parent you are learning and relearning as your child does.  Modeling the entire way and setting an example of being a lifelong learner.  Learning to love learning and learning how to learn is vital as well.One reason I love the curriculum we use as a family (www.classicalconversations.com) because it does a great job of educating, equipping, and supporting parents to be the primary educator(s) of their children.