51 New Friends of Mine You Need To Connect With

The Ultimate Blog Challenge has been amazing!  I have discovered some really interesting bloggers and entrepreneurs, read some GREAT content, and crossed the paths of many more cool people.  Here is a round-up of all the people that I have exchanged some sort of dialogue via the challenge, either on the UBC Facebook group, my blog, their blog, or someone else’s blog in which we conversed.

Here they are, in no particular order, and if I missed anybody please be gentle when letting me know about it!  🙂

  1. Carri Hensley – www.xocolatchic.com
  2. Michelle Arbore – www.fibro2010.com
  3. Melinda Parry – oddmusings-melinda.blogspot.com
  4. Kelly Youngblood – renewing-your-mind.blogspot.com
  5. Donna Moritz – www.sociallysorted.com.au
  6. Lisa – astoldbylisa.com
  7. Christine Johnson – youneverstoplearning.com
  8. Dee Ankary – moonpreneur.net
  9. Shawn Snyder – theoddcoupleblog.com
  10. Ruth Crone – www.thepeopleincubator.com
  11. Isi Dixon – www.wellorganised.org
  12. Michelle Hawkins – wirequeen.blogspot.com
  13. Roy Ackerman – www.adjuvancy.com
  14. Lee Wise – personal-spiritual-growth.blogspot.com
  15. Coby Lange – codiart.blogspot.com
  16. Grace Kelly – www.citygirlconfidence.com
  17. Kimberly Gorbea Bacso – www.thedailydetails.com
  18. Robbie Schlosser – magnoliajazz.com
  19. Laura Orsini – marciebrockbookmarketingmaven.wordpress.com
  20. Valerie Cuell – ValerieCuell.com
  21. Caylie Price – www.betterbusinessbetterlife.com.au
  22. Raven Ellen – shelteredbecomings.com
  23. Linda Luke – lifecoachlinda.wordpress.com
  24. Laura Clark – www.soul-wiseliving.com
  25. Tawnee Hinton – adventuresinhomeschooling.com
  26. Marta Costa – www.va-4-hire.com
  27. Michelle Amethyst Mahoney – amethystmahoney.com
  28. Jeneen Yungwirth – ideastoponderupon.blogspot.com
  29. Kathi Laughman – www.kathilaughman.com
  30. Juan Garcia – affiliatesinmarketing.blogspot.com
  31. Salvatore Constantino – thedailyretort.com
  32. Sara Benson – www.familybugs.net
  33. Debbi Taylor – taylor-madecards.blogspot.com
  34. Helene Poulakou – writerswritingwords.com
  35. Amy Comstock – randomrowboat.blogspot.com
  36. Katrina Davies Hutchesson – katrinaatkatsplace.blogspot.com
  37. Jaime Lee – ask-jaime.com
  38. Michelle Shaeffer – www.michelleshaeffer.com
  39. Patricia Gozlan – www.patriciagozlan.com
  40. Johanna Thibault – river-runs-thru-it.blogspot.com
  41. Shelley Webb – onthewebbsocialmedia.com
  42. Nicky Kriel – www.nickykriel.com
  43. Gwen Tanner – www.gwentanner.com
  44. Katie Moore – lifewitharie.com
  45. Nicole Bandes – goldeneaglescoaching.com
  46. Karen Williams – www.thesecretsofsuccessfulcoaches.com
  47. Denise Cooper – leadershipwhisper.wordpress.com
  48. Alessa Bertoluzzi – www.carolinaheartstrings.com
  49. Karen Lee Banks – kleebanks-freelance-consultant.com
  50. Carianne Jacobus McCready – unionvalehome.blogspot.com
  51. Jonell Alvi – homelearningportal.com

Question: Did I miss anyone?  Please list 3 of your new blogger friends that we all should meet (feel free to post a link to their site).

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11 thoughts on “51 New Friends of Mine You Need To Connect With

    • I would like to, but i don’t think i will have time to put it together. It took a lot of time going back and finding the names and info/links that go with all the ppl I interacted with. If it happens the post probably would be in August. Most of my posts for next week are either done/scheduled or in the middle of a draft. Challenge has been great. I have not missed a day posting, but have not interacted on other blogs like I wanted to. What about you?

  1. I love the wrap up lists, It’s great to be able to see who I’ve missed. I’m hoping when the next challenge rolls around I’ll have more time to spend reading and commenting on blogs. I did great for the first two weeks but the last two weeks I didn’t get to do much commenting. 🙂