80 Goals That Provide Motivation For Me…My Life Goals

This is something I never thought I’d do.  I am a very private person and do not share a lot of things that are personal to me.  But here I am posting My Life Goals for the world to see!  Who woulda thunk it!?  Not me!

My hope for you in sharing my goals is that you will be inspired to dream bigger than ever, that you will be bold enough to pursue your goals, and if you have never set life goals after you finish reading this post you will sit down and start the process of writing your life goals.

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As you read my goals you will get a deeper look at me and discover what drives me, what scares me, and what challenges me.  Hopefully this doesn’t scare you off!  Ha!  ;)What I have learned from reviewing my goals is many of

What I have learned from reviewing my goals is many of my goals are not possible for me to reach–as the person I am today.  The only way I will be able to reach these goals is to continue to grow and to continue to become better.

One of the best parts of writing my goals down and pursuing them is the person that I will become through this process.  I may reach all of my goals, or I may not.  By pursuing them I know I will get closer and closer to reaching my full potential and becoming everything God created me to be.  That is a tremendous benefit!

Here we go!

My Life Goals

Personal Goals

  1. Complete a mini-marathon
  2. Read the entire Bible
  3. Memorize the names and order of all the books in the Bible
  4. Share the Gospel & my testimony with someone that results in that person giving their life to Christ in that moment
  5. Workout 6 days per week at least 1 hour per day until I am physically unable
  6. Wake up by 5am everyday for the rest of my life
  7. Eat completely plant-based meal plans
  8. Live disease-free (as a result of working out regularly, eating healthy, and getting quality sleep)

 Marriage Goals

  1. Date Stephana weekly for the rest of our lives
  2. Take Stephana to an island
  3. Renew our vows in a tropical setting (dressed in all white)
  4. Celebrate 50+ years of marriage with Stephana
  5. Vacation w/Stephana annually on our anniversary for the rest of our lives
  6. Help Stephana discover her passion and greatest dream(s), then help her make it happen
  7. Surprise goal #1 for Stephana that I cannot publish. 🙂
  8. Surprise goal #2 for Stephana that I cannot publish. 🙂
  9. Surprise goal #3 for Stephana that I cannot publish. 🙂

Parenting Goals

  1. Visit Israel w/my family
  2. Take a bi-annual international family vacation for life (even after our kids are grown & have families of their own)
  3. Record (written, audio, or video) my salvation testimony to be left for my family and have each generation do the same
  4. Take my kids to the NBA All-Star weekend festivities and attend the game
  5. Watch my children and grandchildren grow into self-sufficient, Christian people who love God and others
  6. Spend one day per month, every month, with each one of our kids until they are grown and married
  7. Spring Break family vacation annually
  8. Disney vacation minimum every 5 years with kids and grandkids when we have them
  9. Attend an entire NBA Finals series w/my kids
  10. Celebrate Christmas in Disney before Jaicey is 15
  11. Have the funds to write a check for each of our kids secondary education
  12. Help our kids qualify for academic and/or athletic scholarships so we don’t have to pay for it out of pocket
  13. Complete “coming of age” ceremonies with our kids to signify their intro (age 13), their growing (age 16), their releasing (age 18), their induction (age 21) into adulthood
  14. Give Jaicey away in marriage to a Christian man, and pay for the entire wedding & reception
  15. Have a “1st dance” w/Jaicey at her wedding reception
  16. Take Jaicey to the French Open in Paris at Roland Garros
  17. Take Jaicey to Wimbledon in England at the All England Club
  18. Take Jaicey to the US Open in New York
  19. Take Jackson and Joshua to an entire MLB World Series
  20. Take Jackson and Joshua to the College World Series before they turn 13
  21. Take Jackson and Joshua to the Little League World Series before they turn 10
  22. See Jackson get married to a Christian woman
  23. See Joshua get married to a Christian woman

Family and Friend Goals

  1. Take my dad on a trip to MLB’s spring training in Florida and watch the entire spring training
  2. Buy homes for and support our parents financially
  3. Go to Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame w/Dad
  4. Take a family vacation w/my closest friends and their families every 2-3 years
  5. Find out my mom’s biggest dream and help make it happen

 Financial Goals

  1. Live debt free
  2. Purchase or build our Dream Home w/out debt
  3. Provide startup funds for our kids businesses, projects, and philanthropic endeavors
  4. Donate $1m or more at one time
  5. Annually earn more than $1m (net profit) from our businesses
  6. Leave an inheritance for my children & my children’s children
  7. Live on less than 20% of our income donating and investing the rest

Education (& Skills) Goals

  1. Read 1,000+ books
  2. Learn to fluently speak 3 additional languages
  3. Build my public speaking skills to earn Toastmasters CC & AC awards (or the equivalent)
  4. Learn better memorization skills
  5. Learn graphic design and web development

Career Goals

  1. Build a business that generates enough online income to exclusive support my family w/in 20 months
  2. Build a business that provides employment & income to support my family for multiple generations
  3. Own an NBA, MLB, and/or NFL Pro Team
  4. Develop a professional sports stadium (Jaicey came up with a unique idea for this)
  5. Write at least 5 books that remain relevant and valuable for generations and are read by millions
  6. Write at least 1 book that is listed #1 on the top 3 bestseller lists (3 top lists today are NY Times, Amazon, Barnes & Noble)
  7. Create a company, product, or service that will revolutionize something(s) commonly done or used today

Ministry Goals

  1. Develop my Spiritual gifts of giving, encouraging, and teaching so that I can be most effective in building up the Body of Christ
  2. Create an organization or a facility that glorifies God and provides a platform to win souls to Christ in the community/city I live in as well as my hometown (Richmond, IN)
  3. Start a foundation that provides support and resources for causes all over the world that serve people and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  4. Teach my children about the Gospel and lead them to accept Christ (2 for 3 so far)
  5. Love God and love people through my actions
  6. Provide living expenses for a family in need for at least an entire year
  7. Mentor a person(s) from salvation to the point where they are able witness to and mentor others as I did them

 Random Goals

  1. Sit front row/center court at an NBA game
  2. Watch an NBA game at Madison Square Garden, The Staples Center and The United Center
  3. Watch an NFL at “Dallas Stadium”
  4. Watch a MLB game at “Yankee Stadium”
  5. Visit the NBA, MLB, & NFL Hall of Fames
  6. Meet President Obama while he is President
  7. Visit the White House (inside)
  8. Do a business deal(s) with Magic Johnson
  9. Hit a half-court shot at halftime of some major televised basketball game for a prize
  10. Be the featured speaker at a major event or conference (scary to me!)

My goals may change over time, and as I progress and achieve goals I plan to come back to this post and update them.  So please encourage me, while I encourage you, to do all I can to reach them.

Question: Do you have written life goals? What are your biggest goals? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you want help in achieving your goals in 2017, don’t miss this course: 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever. In it is the exact process my friend and mentor, Michael Hyatt, has used along with 15,000+ of his students, including me, to reach new goals each year. Today is the last day for registration this year. Go here to get access today.

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51 thoughts on “80 Goals That Provide Motivation For Me…My Life Goals

  1. Hi Jackie! I came upon your site as I was searching for information on some goals that other people had to help inspire my writing today. I get sidetracked by other blog titles and I tend to jump in and not pay attention to some of the details on the site and I end up responding to things that have been written years ago. As I am now, only I know it! I enjoyed reading your extensive list of goals. I’m curious, if you wouldn’t mind sharing, after so many years have gone by which goals have you achieved? Which have you decided you want to let go. Have you added any? Have you achieved any goals that you were disappointed in the outcome or how you felt after you completed them? And finally, what goal have you achieved that you felt the most rewarding to achieve.


  2. Wow it’s really inspiring to read this and so helpful for me and for others also. I am to a very private person with certain goals in my head but never have took the time to write anything down. This has given me something to look forward to in my life to change my whole life to become a better person inside and out. Thank you so much for you post.

  3. For planning my goals, I use the iSmart.Life app. I recommend this app because it is a very simple and free web app. You can see the demo and decide whether it suits you or not…

  4. Very inspiring goals. I love inspiration and look forward to one day from today becoming one. This teaches me as a 20 year old that I can make a way to live better life for myself, family, friends, business, finance, entertainment and spiritual life. It all shows the person you are and intentions. Thank you for sharing this, I’m inspired and I’m sure many others would be too

  5. These goals really made me come to realisation. I can’t wait to get to get to feel Stephana as you do. I used I be with Genny. Then a tall broad man beat the shit out of her. When he left I came back and nersed her back to full health. She never shone so bright before. Really powered me man, Until I left her.

  6. Thank you for sharing! This is what I needed to see today, right now! Keep on working towards your goals and inspiring others to do the same!

  7. Brother Jackie im really inspired by your goals.I see that u are a very religious person. Brother I have a suggestion for you. You should also read about other religions to find out which religion is actually the true religion. The religion we were born with doesnt determine that it is actually true, you yourself need to find the reality. Brother best of luck for your future. May God bless you in this world and the hereafter.

  8. I don’t think the goals to see your sons marry Christian woman are right. This is because you can’t control who they want to be with, what faith they will choose; to me, such goals sounds like wanting to control every detail of their lives. It’s wrong. Over-controlling is sign of a toxic-person. I don’t want to offend you; that’s just my thoughts which I thought are essential to share.

  9. hey.. thanks for the post it is really encouraging one… many time i sit to set up and write my goals and i got confused and keep the pen down but now i think with the help of your post i can write it.
    My one of the biggest goal is for now in this 2016-2017 year is getting 12 orders (one per month) for our waste to fuel project…

  10. I really enjoyed reading your goals. I am definitely thinknig of revising mine and publishing on my site as one of the posts when I launch. Don’t worry, i will give you credit bro. lol

  11. I’m trying to overcome bullying! I’m thirteen and I have gone through so much in my life already. It has been so hard the last couple of years. A year a go I started cutting and I did it 3 times and I’ve never done it again. So it’s been like 11 months sense I’ve cutt but anyways. I’m deaf and I have been bullied because of being deaf and other things to. I started a bullying program and its called “STAND UP SPEAK OUT.” It’s a program where we tell stories about being bullied and we have this chant and It made an amazing difference in my life because I made that decision. It has now been at Rigby Middle School for 2 years now. This is going to be my 3rd year doing it and I hope I can continue to do it. My name is Keslynn black by the way. I will never forget that I made a difference in this world. I still have never been able to overcome bullying tho. It’s been almost 3 years sense I set that goal and I’m still working on it. I hope I have inspired people to stand up and speak out against bullying. Because I don’t want to have people go through what I have been through.

  12. I’m working on becoming a better man, specifically in Christ. So alas, I felt that setting some goals would be a great way to start. So off I went, searching google… a simple search, goals list, and you sir, have the number 8 spot on google search. You’re goals are inspiring and aspiring. I often times doubt myself, which leaves me in a position of actually doubting God. It’s amazing to see someone with such incredible goals. YOU CAN REACH THEM! I’m going to start slowly piecing together a similar list. I’ve heard God telling me of the big things he has for me, and I believe it’s only through true obedience to Him that I can accomplish such things. My heart’s desire is to be his servant, and to watch others come to Him through my obedience. He has changed my world, and He can do the same for others. Thank you Jackie. You are truly an inspiration, and I pray that through your obedience, you’re able to accomplish each and every one of these goals… I believe that in Christ you can, and you will.


    • That is awesome, Doug. Thank you for sharing and thank you for such encouraging words! I believe the same for you…YOU CAN REACH YOUR GOALS!!

      I’m clipping your comment as it is truly encouraging, and I know it’ll help me on those days it’s hard and I need some encouragement. Thanks again.

      And cool, that I was the #8 search for goals list!!

  13. Nice, I’ like your idea to publish goals wery much! I’ had some ideas while reading this for my goals to, only I’m not so bold to publish them… yet. Thanks!

  14. First, you are a good man.

    Love number 15 in your parenting goals.

    I have a similar list…in my head. I need to sit and write my list. I have started writing letters to my kids for big events in the future. For example, I have one for my daughter for her wedding day. In it I told her everything I want her to know about marriage, about how to love and be loved well. I explained what character the man she is marrying hopefully has. My goal, is to give my kids these letters on these big days, and after they read them they look at me and say….”Dad, I already know all of this. You’ve already taught me this.” So my big parenting goal….I never want to look at my kids when they are older and say or think…”I wish I would have (fill in the blank)” No regret parenting. (I have the same goal in my marriage, no regret marriage)

    • Thanks, Eric! I really like the letter idea.

      I started a “letter to my kids” journal one time but fell off. I wrote a brief journal entry for each of my kids talking about what we had experienced together for the day. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but wasn’t able to keep up. Maybe I’ll reboot and try again. 🙂

  15. Your words have really touched me and seeing your goals makes me sit down and reevaluate my life from the inside out….. I know it maybe too late to fix my family but I will take solace in knowing that I recognize my problem and will be working to get my self together and get back to the relationship with The Lord that I used to have….. I may not be able to save my family but I don’t think it’s ever too late to save my Soul…. ( at least I hope not )….. Thanks again for your inspirational words that you have posted.. I plan to keep up with your post….. I usually don’t follow blogs or anything but I will follow yours….. You don’t know me but thank you for your words

  16. I love this post.  I have extensive life goals and plans, but you have highlighted one of my weaknesses.  One of my “ToDo’s” for this year is to set aside a day to DREAM.  I have several dreams floating around in the back of my mind, but I have never written them down.  I am re-energized to do just that!

    Thanks for the post!

  17. Awesome! Your dreams are as big as your heart. Very inspiring! I need to sit down and look at my goals again. I chose a few at New Year’s time, but they are only a few short-term goals. I need to think bigger and more long-term. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks Adrianna!!!  These are my big rocks (goals)…around New Year’s I try to plan/fill in the small and medium rocks (goals) that will get me to my big rocks.  Stephen Covey (in his “7 Habits…” books) has a great analogy with the rocks that kind of served as my guide.

  18. Wow, you have inspired me to write a goal list.  I can’t wait to watch you cross things out.  Praying for determination, focus and strength to complete them!

  19. Love how you dream and dream Big Jack I have goals as well but I don’t have any for me and my wife other than helping her become all God has called her to be so that really blessed a Brotha to see that!…I won’t take up anymore of ya time cause your time is valuable and limited!..Get back to work!(8

  20. Amazing list Jackie!  You can see that you are a gifted writer just by the list – even some of those goals would be a major life achievement. Love your goals for spending time with your family the most and the fact that they continue into adulthood.   You have only missed one….the Australian Open of course! Just to round off the Grand Slam!  haha.  The trip is totally worth it.  Thanks for sharing – you have inspired me to revisit my goals on the weekend.  :o)

    • Thank you Donna! Yes, you are correct…I did miss the Australian Open! That may have to be added to the list. 🙂 Question: Is the Australian Open in Sydney? The other 3 were inspired by cities my daughter wants to visit…thanks to Finding Nemo Sydney is a city she is somewhat familiar with which makes it an attractive trip as well.

      I am glad you have been inspired. I am sure you have some huge and awesome goals you are working to accomplish! 🙂

  21. I like how you’ve categorized the list – that would help a great deal. Does Stephana know what her surprises are?!?!? This really is an awesome list, Jackie.

    • NO, Stephana does not know what her surprises are!  LOL  In due time (when they are fully funded) she will know. 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.  I think in compartments/categories so it is very helpful to me.  My filing systems, etc. all follow the basic same categories. It helps to eliminate some of my thinking. 🙂

  22. Wow – I’m in awe of how much love emanates from this list.  You and your family are blessed to have one another.

    The shot at half-time? That’s going to be epic! And you can show a still from that video to open your big-audience presentation 🙂

    Awesome post Jackie.

    • Thank you Dee! I truly appreciate your comment.

      I actually get a little upset when I see people miss those shots…I’m like “I would have made that! Somebody pleeeaaase give me a shot!” LOL

      Hopefully you are speaking something into existence with the video opening. 🙂

  23. 1st what a cute little guy in the picture. 2nd, wow awesome list. I don’t have anything that detailed maybe I need to. My ultimate dream is freedom and bringing my hubby home from his job so we can travel the world together. Thanks for sharing your dreams.

    • Thanks Shawn! That’s our Jackson. 🙂  I have not always had a detailed list like this, but I am very visual so I need to see it and see it in detail.  If not, it doesn’t stick with me.  So I encourage you to know your dream (detailed or not)…if you know it then that can serve you just as well.