7 Last-Minute Christmas Gifts That Are Guaranteed to Arrive on Time

Last-minute gifts for your spouse that aren't cheesy

I’m in the middle of my annual ritual of last-minute Christmas shopping. For someone who doesn’t like shopping when the stores aren’t packed, you’d think I’d do all I can to avoid shopping when the stores are jam-packed with Christmas shoppers!

Last-minute Christmas gifts for your spouse

But, nope, here I am still trying to get it done! By the crowds at the mall yesterday, I’m not the only one. You might be in the same boat. So, I’ve put together a list of last-minute gifts that you don’t have to go outside of your house and are guaranteed to arrive on time.

Stephana and I were on Moody Radio for the third time on the Equipped with Chris Brooks show! We discussed our life before marriage, the confusion and struggle that came from it all plus my book, The 7 Rings of Marriage.

Date: October 13, 2016
Time: 02:00-03:00 p.m.
Appearance: Our Equipped with Chris Brooks Interview on Moody Radio
Outlet: Equipped with Chris Brooks on Moody Radio
Format: Radio

Stephana and I are excited about being the keynote speakers at Marriage in the Mountains 2017!

Date: February 9, 2017—February 11, 2017
Event: Marriage in the Mountains 2017
Sponsor: Seasons Church
Location: Gatlinburg, TN
Public: Private
Dating in Marriage - JackieBledsoe.com
The 7 Rings of Marriage by Jackie Bledsoe#7ringsstudy #7ringsbook

Wow! Stephana and I are super excited to speak at First Fridays at Eastern Star Church. Eastern Star was our very first church home as a couple! We were married while members of Eastern Star. It’s amazing to share our story with family at “home.”

Date: May 6, 2016
Time: 06:30-8:30 p.m.
Event: First Fridays at Eastern Star Church
Sponsor: Eastern Star Marriage Ministry
Venue: Eastern Star Church
Location: 5805 Cooper Road
Indianapolis, IN 46228
Public: Public