Been Ignoring Your Health? – Join The #GETActive30 Day Challenge


Today is May 1st the first day of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (NPFSM), and Day 1 of the GET Active 30 Day Challenge!  For those of you that have already joined in I am excited to GET active with you this month, and for those that haven’t joined us yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Join us today!

Below are our challenge goals and the challenge guidelines.

[***UPDATE***:  The #GETActive30 Day Challenge will take place every 4 months.  The months of January, May, and September.  Please join our Facebook Group, to stay connected with others who have participated and to stay engaged, encouraged, and excited! 🙂]

#GETActive30 Goal

Our BIG goal for this challenge is to create a habit of completing one physical activity every day in striving to live an active lifestyle.  An additional goal is to learn more about fitness and nutrition to help guide you in your new active lifestyle.  Here is how you will do this:

  1. Complete your physical activity or sport every day
    • One activity for at least 30 minutes
  2. Once completed let us know by sharing your activity
  3. Get to know your fellow participants
    • Each day check the Facebook Group wall and comment on the posts of your fellow participants
    • Reply to or Retweet posts from others taking the challenge via twitter (hashtag #GETActive30)
    • Ask questions and get help by posting on the Facebook Group wall
  4. Track your progress!  There is nothing like seeing what you have accomplished.  If you haven’t done well in completing daily activities, then use the info you tracked as motivation. When you subscribe to our #GETActive30 newsletter you get the following:
    • #GETActive30 checklist to keep you on track
    • Ideas for physical activities
    • Tips for exercising
    • Links to resources from fitness and nutrition experts
  5. Have fun and take it one day at a time!  Don’t worry if you miss a day, or if you didn’t start/accept the challenge on the 1st day (or even the 1st week).  Just get in where you fit in and GET Active!

Invite Someone

Who of your friends would you like to join you on this journey?   Who do you know that could really benefit from a community of people encouraging and sharing their progress?  Who do you know that has been there, done that and could be helpful for the newbies and those who have been inactive for a while?   Invite them to join the party!

This not only helps more people take positive steps to an active lifestyle, but it will provide extra accountability for you.  Send them an email linking to this post, send them to the #GETActive30 Day Challenge Facebook Group, post something on your Facebook page or profile with this post’s link, or post to Twitter with the hashtag #GETActive30.

No more delaying, it is time for you to Just Do It!!!  Good luck, GET Active, and have fun!

Question:  Do you have any physical or health goals?  Please share one in the comment section below.

May 1, 2012