Interesting bloggers I have discovered through the Ultimate Blog Challenge

In, my last post, I gave an update of how I am doing through the first 13 days of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  One of the benefits I shared is that I have met some interesting new bloggers.  I figured I will take it a step further and list a few of the new bloggers I’ve discovered during this challenge.  Check them out for yourself!

These are the names and blogs of just a few.  I look forward to meeting new people, discovering more bloggers, and learning more from all of them.

Question:  What new or interesting blog sites have you come across recently?

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17 thoughts on “Interesting bloggers I have discovered through the Ultimate Blog Challenge

  1. Thanks, Jackie, 
    Like you, I enjoying the benefits of this blog challenge.  I’m sure I’ll recognize more as the challenge continues, but so far I’ve met some great people who share my interests in blogging.  I’ve read many fascinating blogs on topics that range all over the place.  Traffic to my blog has risen dramatically, and I’ve picked up a number of useful new tips I’m now using in my own blog.  I’ll continue to follow your posts, to learn about the benefits you’ll be noticing.  

  2. Hi Jackie!

    Thank you so much for including me in your list – I’m thrilled and so grateful.

    One of the joys of being part of UBC is discovering so many interesting blogs, and their equally interesting owners.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Thanks for including me Jackie! There are some great blogs here and I will look forward to checking them out.  I have found a few blogs that I now subscribe to through the blog challenge (I am already following Dee via RSS).  I will look forward to more of your posts!