Plant-based Eating…So Far So Good

Last week I posted about making a lifestyle change to plant-based eating.  No, I have not quit already!  I wanted to share some of what I am experiencing and learning.

Week 1 results

I have begun to include more nutritious, whole foods over the past week.  In addition I have continued to educate myself on the benefits of these foods, as well as the negative affects of refined foods and meats.  It’s actually pretty laid back, as I said in my post last week I am focusing on inclusion, not exclusion.  So I have eaten some less nutritious foods that I know I shouldn’t, but I am still moving forward and not killing myself with guilt.  Confession: I actually went on a donut binge (ate like 6 donuts on Saturday & Sunday) this past weekend, and I don’t even eat donuts on a regular basis!  I am chalking that up to my subconscious knowing that as I progress I will begin to focus on exclusion.  So it sent the signal to my brain, “get it while you still can!”  Ha!

I believe it is too early to notice any real significant results, but I have noticed that my desire for meats and refined foods is going away.  I also have noticed that as I eat more nutritious foods more frequently throughout the day, I do not feel as hungry, and I definitely do not feel sluggish after eating.  This week in addition to adding various foods, I will get back to working out.  When I take breaks from working out (i.e. procrastinate and get lazy), I always get starting back with basketball.  I love it, it’s fun, and it eases me back in.  So I’ll be playing basketball later this week I’ll begin to run again.  I hope to be able to recognize some energy level differences from one or both.

So after a week I am just as excited as I was when I decided I was going to do it, and I have a few take away points that I believe will encourage you if you are considering a similar change or any major change in general.

Ease into it

One thing I like about Brendan Brazier’s Thrive in 30, is the transition is made easy by focusing on inclusion.  I am able to add a few new foods every couple days instead of a drastic cold turkey change.

Focus on the positive

Many times when we make major changes we focus on what we are not going to do.  The negative.  Focusing on the negative can actually hinder our progress.  I have found that focusing on the positive gives me more energy and a better reason.  When I played sports I wasn’t sure if I hated losing or loved winning most, but I do know if I focused on the bad of missing a shot vs. the good of making a shot that that shot became a little more challenging.

Immerse yourself

I receive an email every 2-3 days with more info, both text and video, about what various foods (good and bad) do to our body when we eat them.  I look forward to it each day, because I am learning much more.  By regularly studying I am learning why my body does what it does.  Since it is constantly in my mental view I pay better attention to my body, what I am eating, and it helps me to be intentional throughout the day.

Hopefully these points are helpful to you.  Check back frequently as I progress and share my experiences.

Question: Are there any other plant-based and/or raw food eaters out there?  Please share your experiences and tips below in the comment section.

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11 thoughts on “Plant-based Eating…So Far So Good

  1. I’m enjoying the change as well and excited for the overall benefits we will obtain as well as the example we are setting for the kids. Thanks for helping us to be intentional in this area.

  2. I was about 98% Raw for over 8 months or so. I definitely had more energy and only needed to sleep 6 hours a night. However, I got a lot of flak from other people and got tired of the questions of “why are you eating that?” (as if it’s anyone else’s business what I eat). The only thing I didn’t like about Raw Food was the reliance on so-called “Super Foods.” Some of them are just as manufactured and processed as regular foods, so make sure you do your research.

    Personally I’ve found that over time my body does better with a more moderate diet of part meat/tons of veggies. While many vegetarians and vegans rail against me for that statement and like to tell me how I “just didn’t do [vegan] right,” I would just like to say, suck it. I went on a crazy food journey for many, many years, and this is what works for me. To each their own. Looking forward to hearing more about your Raw Food adventures! 🙂

    • Yes, you get the weird looks and silly questions.  But hey, along with this my family is a homeschool family (of which I am heavily involved), we blog, have online businesses, we have no cable TV, we have “only” 1 video game system…so we get those looks and silly questions across the board all the time! 🙂  Find what works for you and helps you to achieve the purpose and goals in your life.

  3. Keep up the good work.  I have been a veggie for years and my yearly medical exams prove the benefits.  You are making a choice to nurture your body and your spirit.  I am a Life Coach and agree whole heartedly with the inclusion  approach.  Sending good vibes your way.

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey!  I think this is awesome, and have been trying to incorporate eating whole foods instead of anything processed.  I look forward to continuing to follow your journey!