Please Take My #GETActive30 Day Challenge Survey


Today is the last day of the #GETActive30 Day Challenge, and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  It has been a fun challenge, and for me a spring board to get back to working out on a regular basis.

I hope everyone who took the Challenge has been encouraged, and is on their way to a lifestyle of physical activity.  This will not be the last #GETActive30 Day Challenge.  I hope to make each subsequent challenge better and more beneficial to you.  Your feedback will be very beneficial in doing this.  To help you provide feedback, I have created my #GETActive30 Participant Survey.  Please take a few moments to complete the survey.

Below I have provided links to some of my blog posts related to the Challenge, fitness, and nutrition.  Until the next Challenge don’t forget to #GETActive30!

[***UPDATE***:  The #GETActive30 Day Challenge will take place every 4 months.  The months of January, May, and September.  Please join our Facebook Group, to stay connected with others who have participated and to stay engaged, encouraged, and excited! 🙂]

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Question: What type of 30 Day Challenges would you be interested in participating in?  (Not just limited to fitness)

May 31, 2012