You Need To Refuel…DAILY!


As I’m writing this post, the rising cost of gas is one of the hot topics and major concerns many people are facing.  With an economy not fully recovered people are carefully budgeting their gas expenses, companies are considering raising the prices of their products to help cover increased gas prices, and many people dread pulling up at the pump to refuel.

Fuel Is Necessary

Regardless, gas is something that we all use and depend on heavily.  Most of our vehicles use only gas to make them run, so it is very important to refuel periodically.  If we didn’t our vehicles would not be any use to us, our family, or our work.  Refueling is necessary and I think we should all refuel…DAILY!

We Are Not Talking Automobile Gas

When I say refuel daily, I am not talking about refueling our vehicles.  I am talking about refueling ourselves daily.  Many times we get so consumed with what we have to do on a daily basis, that we neglect me, myself, and I.  Consumed with tasks for ourselves, for our children, for our employers, and everybody else that we don’t take time out to make sure we have enough fuel to keep going.  If we continue in this manner, then we will eventually breakdown and be of no benefit to anyone.

Take Time for You

A daily refueling session is needed.  For me, that daily refueling session consists of getting alone to pray and read my bible, preferably in the morning before I start my day.  The days that I don’t do that are some of my most challenging days, yet the days that I do I feel energized, vibrant, and able to take on any challenge that comes my way.  Refueling for you may consist of exercising, enjoying a hobby, or quiet time alone.  Whatever refuels you I encourage you to do it DAILY.  When you don’t you run the risk of breaking down.

Question: What do you to do refuel?  Post your answer in the comment section below.

Feb 28, 2012