Playing Video Games Daily Meets Your Physical Activity Goals


We are at the halfway point of the #GETActive30 Day Challenge, and those that are participating are getting tremendous results.  For those that aren’t familiar with the challenge, we have committed to 30 minutes of physical activity everyday in the month of May for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  Through the #GETActive30 Facebook Group we have been able to encourage one another, learn from one another, and share our daily activities.  One common, and convenient, activity many of us have been doing is playing video games.  Yes, playing video games has become a regular part of our physical activities!

Presidential Backing

It turns out that we aren’t the only ones who believe gaming is a good component to an active lifestyle. The President’s Council on Fitness backs the Wii, Kinect, and other video games.  The Council has actually partnered with video game companies to create the The Active Play PALA+ Challenge.  So to those gamers out there, it is game on!!!  Just make sure you are active gaming, not passive gaming.

Active Gaming Examples

I figure since the gaming has been approved, us #GETActive30 challengers will be gaming even more.  So below are some fun posts from the Facebook Group on the different type of active gaming we’ve been participating in.  Try the activities out for yourself!

  • Just dance 3 for 30 minutes. Now I missed the third quarter of the game and my Clippers are down by 15 , but it was worth it to hear my son singing Tight Rope by Janelle Monae and having all my babies joined in for a little dance session!!
  • Wii Fit = no excuses! You all don’t know how much you are encouraging me daily! Thanks for being my virtual work out partners and holding me accountable!
  • Pitched little league Saturday, missed yesterday, Wii Fit this AM. How is everybody doing with your challenge?
  • Just finished my Wii Fit and my abs are screaming! Lovin’ it! #nopainnogain #letsgo
  • ‎40 minutes of Just Dance 3!!
  • Overdue on my updates. Tuesday I pitched 4 innings of (little league) baseball…completely missed Wednesday. Will be doing Wii Fit later tonight…will post when done. EVERYBODY IS DOING GREAT! Inspiring me!
  • 42 minutes of Wii Fit done! Starting to crave the physical activity! Woo Hoo!
  • 30 minutes of wii fit and “assisted” the kids at monkey joes until I realized adults weren’t supposed to actually participate…I’d give that place a 2 out of 5..Side note lol
  • Just over 30 minutes on the Wii Fit…that hula hoop is a beast if you do it 3 or 4 times in a row!!
  • Just Dance 2 for forty minutes…now to make up for yesterday!
  • On the eve of Money Mayweather vs Cotto…I put in 32 minutes of Wii fit boxing…I probably could have beat Floyd tonight…on the Wii! Good night all! 🙂 #GETActive30
  • The Island Lap on Wii Fit was intense tonight…made it through day 3! Whew!
  • Day 3: Wii fit 31 minutes of aerobic/cardio! Can’t miss a day
  • Got my Wii fit on today! Felt great to break a sweat!
Now go #GETActive30 and get gaming!
Question:  Do you play active video games?  In the comment section below please share your favorite active gaming activity.

May 17, 2012