I Thought I’d Never Allow My Wife To Bring This Into Our Bedroom!

I did something I never thought I’d do. My wife has long wanted to do this, but I said no. She wanted to bring this into our bedroom, and I’ve always felt the bedroom really isn’t the place for it.

I Thought I'd Never Allow My Wife To Bring This Into Our Bedroom!

However, last month I finally gave in, thanks to my mother-in-law. While we haven’t used it much, I’ve really enjoyed it, and I’m excited about getting more use of it.

My New Site and a FREE Gift for You!

Today, is the day! It’s Christmas in September for me. 🙂 For the past month I’ve been working with Michael Hyatt and his Platform University team on some changes to my brand, my website, and my overall online platform.

You're Not Alone in Your Marriage and Parenting Challenges - 2015 Reader Survey Insights | JackieBledsoe.com

To say I’ve been feeling like a kid waiting on Christmas morning is the understatement of the year! I was up at 3:15am today. I’m excited, elated, and ecstatic to reveal my new site for you all to see!

4 Simple Tips to Having a Happy Marriage

This is a guest post by Hank McKinsey. Hank is a lifestyle blogger and SAHD. When he’s not blogging over at Home By Hank, he can be found playing tennis or lounging out by the pool with his dogs, Digit and Poppy.  If you want to guest post on my blog, check out the guidelines and submit your post.

Whether you’ve been married for six-months or sixty-years, taking time to make your marriage work is vital. Once the honeymoon phase of your marriage wears off, the hard work really begins.

4 Simple Tips to Having a Happy Marriage - JackieBledsoe.com

Almost 40 and in my #BestShapeEver

Just about every Tuesday for the past month I’ve been receiving a text message from a buddy of mine. The text would read something like this…

Almost 40 and in my #BestShapeEver

“Fellas, tomorrow night 9pm. Blue court. In or out?”

It’s a roll call sent to a group of guys to see who is available to play basketball in an adult basketball league in my area. For those who are new to my site and story, I’ve been playing basketball practically for my entire life.

5 Ways Your Family Can Benefit from a Family Blog

I’ve been blogging for almost three years. I didn’t know exactly what was going to be the result, but I can say I’m pleased with my experience so far. And very excited about what is to come.

5 ways your family can benefit from a family blog

My family has been a big part of my blogging. First, they make up most of my subject matter. My wife will occasionally edit some of my posts (when she doesn’t you can see the difference!). And of course, they pose for tons of pictures. 🙂

Why Your Family Should Watch TV Like Your Parents Used To (Plus FREE DVD/Blu-Ray)

Back in the day, most families had one TV set, and they all gathered in front of it to watch their favorite shows. Today, families not only have multiple TVs, but many other screens they can all watch, alone. TV watching used to bring families together, now it seems to be divisive.

Why Your Family Should Watch TV Like Your Parents Used To | JackieBledsoe.com - Lead and Love The Ones Who Matter Most

Why Family Movie Night Should Be a Staple and How to Make it Happen

I’m not a big fan of TV, and because of this our family functions a little different than most. First, we have one TV in our house. That’s right, one for a family of five. My wife wants to add another, but as of right now I think we are fine. Second, we do not have cable TV.

Why Family Movie Night Should Be a Staple and How to Make it Happen | JackieBledsoe.com - Love and Lead the Ones Who Matter Most

While this is not that big of a deal today, it used to be several years ago. We might be one of the pioneers in this because we’ve probably been without cable TV at least seven years. I have no plans on going back to cable, but our family does enjoy having a weekly Family Movie Night.

How to Have Fun and Get Fit as a Couple

Some friends of ours recently let us borrow the workout videos Insanity and P90X.  We decided we wanted to get in better shape, and if we were going to do it then why not challenge ourselves.  Well…both sets of DVDs are sitting under our TV collecting dust as I write this.

How to Have Fun and Get Fit as a Couple! - JackieBledsoe.com - Color Me Rad 5k Indy Giveaway

I’ll be honest, I have been a little scared to start.  What seemed fun at first didn’t sound as fun after I read about it, and learned why it is called Insanity. I want to have fun with my fitness activities.