What Do You Know About the 7 Rings of Marriage?

I recently wrote an article about rubber wedding rings after seeing an NFL player wearing one on HBO’s show Hard Knocks.  The company which sells the wedding rings somehow discovered my article, contacted me, and offered to send me some rings.

What do you know about The 7 Rings of Marriage?

A couple weeks later a package arrived.  When I opened the package I was surprised to see they didn’t send a couple, they sent like 12 wedding rings!

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Have you worn multiple rings?

Of all the rings they sent, I can only wear a few of them as some are too large and some are too small (my wife wanted to wear the smaller ones to match her man).  Of course, no matter how many fit me, only one wedding ring needs to be worn at a time.  But it has me thinking about the different rings we wear in our marriages.

Just like I have several rubber wedding rings, my marriage has gone through a few wedding rings itself.  Not because I’ve been divorced, or have another wife and family out on the west coast (some people do that you know).  And I’m not talking about physical wedding rings, but different rings, or stages, of marriage.  Some stages have been good, some have been not-so-good, and others have been down right rough!

Become familiar with the 7 rings of marriage

You may have noticed something similar in your marriage.  Maybe you are concerned because you don’t know what phase is coming next.  But if you knew what to expect you could prepare for it, and handle it better.  I was caught off guard by some of the rings of marriage.  My hope is you don’t get caught off guard like me.  Becoming familiar with the 7 rings of marriage will help you.

Click here for a free infographic of the ‘7 Rings of Marriage’ and see which ring you are wearing right now. Plus you’ll receive updates about my highly anticipated book, The 7 Rings of Marriage: Your Model for a Lasting and Fulfilling Marriage.

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14 thoughts on “What Do You Know About the 7 Rings of Marriage?

  1. Hi Jackie,
    I am a relationship blogger and I discovered your blog while looking for other bloggers to engage with. I bought your book on Audible and finished it in 3 days! I had no idea it would impact me so much or give me so much to think about. My husband and I have been married for 2 years now and we have 1 child, a 4 month old baby. The past two years has been full of DiscoveRing! Moving across the country, starting new jobs, traveling internationally, and most importantly having a 10 month pregnancy and now baby has filled us with constant discoveries.

    Likewise I enjoyed the Mentor chapter because it made me acknowledge the friends we have that have been critical marriage mentors this past year as our marriage adjusted to the stressors of a new baby. As you shared in your book, we also had a health scare with our new baby that reminded us of the power of prayer, catapulted us into the PerseveRing stage and ultimately strengthened our marriage. It pleases me to also see how we are and can continue to be marriage mentors to our newly engaged friends. (One of whom I recently purchased your book for as an engagement present!)

    What I loved most about the book was the specific examples of how to implement the advice. On the day that I finished the book, I surprised my husband with a candlelight dinner at the table. We put the baby to bed early and had a much needed TV free night. When he came home with a surprise for me, cupcakes from my favorite bakery, I felt like the Universe was acknowledging and matching my efforts. It was a good feeling. We have since agreed that at least 1 night a week we will manage the chaos that is #newparenting in order to have some married time. Thanks so much for this essential book of marriage mentorship. God bless!

    • Wow, Nora! Thank you for sharing. What an encouragement. Hearing about you and your husband implementing and growing from what I shared in the 7 Rings is awesome! Bless you both, keep DisccoveRing, keep PerseveRing, keep ProspeRing, and share it all through MentoRing! 🙂

    • Hi Lori,
      I’m sorry for the confusion. There is a link at the bottom of this post, which links to a slideshow that explains each of the “7 Rings.”

      The slideshow is on the site where I originally published the complete article. I’ll be placing the entire article on my site soon. Again, sorry for the confusion.

      • Well, you are a gentleman to respond so promptly and politely. I’ve read the article and loved it! Good work. I’ll be sharing this with my Bible Study class.
        God bless you.

        • Thank you! I hope it your Bible study class is blessed by it.

          When I place the entire article on my site, I’ll also be putting some information about a project I’m currently working on pertaining to the “7 Rings.”

          Through the project there will be a free web show, a book, and a curriculum/courses. I’ll be looking for feedback from those who’ve read the article. Hopefully you and/or some people will share your feedback.