How to Stay Happily Married with Kids


When kids come into your life, your marriage changes. We have three kids and a child changed the dynamics of our marriage and family. What if this happened eight times? It did to the couple we interviewed for the episode of the 7 Rings of Marriage Web Show.

Mike and Kristin Berry from the Confessions of a Parent blog not only have eight children, but each one joined their family through adoption! We have several close friends who’ve adopted children. One consistent thing I’ve learned is the adoption process is no walk in the park.

Staying happily married with kids

And just like adding kids to our relationship did for us, as well as others, it changes, sometimes tests your family, especially your marriage. You have to have a strong bond to withstand the “onslaught” of children into your marriage (I say “onslaught” only slightly joking).

Mike and Kristin have that type of bond and they share it bluntly and candidly in our interview. They are the same way in their relationship with each other. Honest, open (sometimes Mike feels too open), and not afraid of conflict. Which has been very helpful in staying happily married while raising eight kids.

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What you’ll learn in this episode

  • How being blunt, speaking the truth impacts your marriage
  • Why it’s okay to not marry your best friend
  • The foundational dates that create a super strong bond
  • How Kristin almost called her dad to come get her on their honeymoon (and her dad’s reaction…he was in the live chat during the show)
  • Why serving (one another and others) is one of the most important things you can do in marriage
  • The two most critical things for a lasting and fulfilling marriage
  • What happens when you go from “me and against you” to embracing compromise

This week’s 7 Rings of Marriage Enrichment Activity

One of the reasons we do the web show is to share marriage stories that give you hope. Hope that you can have a lasting and fulfilling marriage. Yet, we understand hope alone is not good enough. There must be action.

So, each week we share one practical activity that will help you have a lasting and fulfilling marriage. This week’s marriage enrichment activity is to choose one thing your spouse typically does, and do it for them this week. Doing this will have a big impact on your marriage and be a blessing to your spouse.

Additional resources to help your marriage

In this episode we mentioned a few resources which will help your marriage. Check them out below:

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Apr 27, 2015