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Today, is the day! It’s Christmas in September for me. ūüôā For the past month I’ve been working with Michael Hyatt and his Platform University team on some changes to my brand, my website, and my overall online platform.

To say I’ve been feeling like a kid waiting on Christmas morning is the understatement of the year! I was up at 3:15am today. I’m excited, elated, and ecstatic to reveal my new site for¬†you all to see!

I hope when you browse through the site you find it fresh, inviting, and easy to find what you need. My goal is when you are on my site that you can quickly find and share the content that can help you.

Some readers have already had a chance to check it out and share their thoughts. Here is what they said:

  • “Just now noticed your new site … WOW! Very impressive!”
  • “Great job on the new site”
  • “Just checked it out and it’s on point!”
  • “Love the new site”
  • “The site looks GREAT!”
  • “I love it, Babe!” (from my wife)

FREE resource to help your marriage today!

Although the new site has only been up¬†for¬†a few hours, I’m getting great feedback. And as you can tell from above I a super excited about it.

But what I’m most excited about is the new resource I’ve created that will change the game in your marriage!

It’s called, Date Night in a Box: 12 Plug-and-Play Ideas to Connect With Your Wife This Weekend. I’m giving it to you for FREE!

To get a list of plug-and-play date night ideas to help you connect with your wife, grab my new resource, Date Night in a Box. It’s free when you sign-up to receive my email updates. Click here to get it now.

What your marriage needs most

This resource was requested by you. A few months back I posted a question asking my readers and Facebook followers what would help their marriages most today.

The overwhelming response was a resource to help you have consistent date nights. I created it in hopes it’ll not only help you have consistent date nights, but also help you connect in the way you hope to with your wife.

My wife and I have rediscovered dating in our marriage and it’s been a game changer. This resource can do the same for you.

What others are saying about Date Night in a Box

I made it available for a few people in advance and here’s what they had to say:

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs so easy to lose each other in a marriage. Jackie‚Äôs e-book is¬†helping¬†my¬†wife and I be more intentional about staying connected and walking through live together.‚Ä̬†Roger Whitney,¬†The Retirement Answer¬†Man

“Its amazing how easy it is to fall in love with your spouse all over again if you just be intentional about spending time together. This ebook is full of easy-to-plan date ideas that make for a simple, awesome date night.” – Read Milner, Digital Marketing Consultant

“Date Night in a Box makes busy husbands look like geniuses. And who doesn’t want that?” Nate Turner, CreativeGrid

I think Date Night in a box is an absolute genius idea and definitely something my husband and I could easily adapt into our already busy lives. The truth is, no matter how good your intentions are, you’ll never get back to dating regularly if you can’t get to planning the dates. And this removes the biggest obstacle for us – the planning. Can’t wait to put it into use! – Christine St. Vil, Moms ‘N Charge

“Perfect timing.¬†My¬†wife was just saying she wanted me to put more time into planning date nights.” Devin Dabney, Devin and Shayla TV

“What a great resource! It is simple to use and the ideas are cute and cool at the same time. I particularly love the conversation starter suggestions. Women don’t want to spend date night talking about kids and work. We’d rather have talk about things that grow intimacy between us as a couple. The hardest part is starting and your Date Night In A Box has made it very easy to get started. Thank you!”¬†– Julia Winston,¬†Brave Communication

“Everyone knows that dating is crucial to a healthy marriage, but most people can’t find the time. ¬†With Jackie’s ebook, everything is laid out for you…and don’t worry, he even provides conversation starters so you don’t have to talk about the kids every time! ¬†Finally, every husband has the chance to wow his wife and truly become a hero!” – Philip Devine, Live Life Better Podcast

“Great resource. I can already hear¬†my¬†wife bragging to her friends how lucky she is and how great I am. ¬†Thanks Jackie for¬†helping¬†me keep boring from creeping into our marriage. The layout of this eBook is the best and easiest to use I’ve ever seen.”¬†– Eric¬†Dingler,¬†

My¬†wife and I are always looking for date ideas, and that’s exactly what Jackie has made easy for every marriage here. Jackie provides an easy-to-read guide to¬†help¬†dates happen with ease, and cuts all the planning out of the process. Anything that¬†helps¬†you rediscover your number one priority is something I am a fan of. This tool provides a shortcut that every marriage needs. Start reading this guide and begin doing one of the most important things you could ever do. Now, go date your spouse.” – Adam Smith, Leadership in Life

Date Night in a Box

To get a list of plug-and-play date night ideas to help you connect with your wife, grab my new resource,¬†Date Night in a Box. It’s free when you sign-up to receive my email updates.¬†Click here¬†to get it now.

Question: What can I share on my site that will be most helpful in taking your marriage to another level? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Sep 10, 2014