10 Family Blogs You Should Read Regularly


It has been said “readers are leaders.”  As a husband and father, I have a leadership role in our family.  I accept that role, completely.  The good and the bad.

Learning from other family leaders

As a family leader, I know that I don’t have all the answers.  There are many people who have a lot more experience and know a lot more than I do.  Part of my job is to learn how to be better at leading my family.

In addition to learning from my mistakes, I try to learn from the mistakes, lessons, and ideas of other parents and couples.  Knowing the more I read, the more ideas I have to consider for my family.

Reading to benefit your family

Technology gives us easy access to info 24/7.  I take full advantage!  I regularly read many articles and blogs on the web.  But I do have a few that I read more regularly than others.  Most of those tend to be blogs about marriage, fatherhood, parenting, homeschooling, fitness.  All of which are beneficial to my family, and can help me as be the best I can for my wife and my kids.

Below I have compiled a list of great family sites that I read.  I encourage you to read their stuff, clip to Evernote, and subscribe to their emails.  There is a lot to learn, and you definitely will from these sites.

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10 Family Blogs You Should Read Regularly

  1. BlackandMarriedWithKids.com – A Positive Image of Marriage and Family.  One of the leading family blogs in the web today.  Great, practical, and real information that will help your marriage and family.
  2. AllProDad.com – Daily Info & Videos on How to Be a Better Dad.  A blog worthy of it’s name.  Dads who read this blog, and apply it to their family lives will become all-pro dads for sure.
  3. MakesMeWannaHoller.com – Making Sense of Our Roles as Man, Dad, Husband.  A blog that shares experiences and life as a man, dad, and a husband.  Candid, real, practical, eye-opening, and encouraging for fellow dads.
  4. MarkMerrill.com – Putting Family First.  In society today, family isn’t always first.  This blog shares info on how we can live full lives and careers while putting our families first.  Each post will help you become a family first dad.
  5. SportsDadHub.com – The Site for Dads Raising Athletes.  Learn how to help your son become the best athlete HE wants to be, without burning him (or her) out.  All while forming a lasting bond along the way.
  6. MakingLoveInTheMicrowave.com – Keeping marriage hot when short on time.  With a clever title and play on words, this blog will help motivate busy couples to make the most of their marriages when their time is tight.
  7. The Daily Retort – Faith, Family, Fitness, Finances mixed with a little Funny.  The only place where getting all “Fs” is acceptable and beneficial.  Growing family leaders will get everything they need when reading this blog.
  8. RefuneUs.org – Restoring hope, renewing relationships.  Have you experienced pain in marriage?  This blog is the blog for you, as a couple shares their story of pain, loss, and redemption to bring hope and healing to other couples.
  9. MyFamilyExercise.com – Transform Your Child with Fun Kids Exercises.  Physical fitness is crucial, especially in a day when we have more obese kids.  My Family Exercise provides fun and practical exercises for kids and families.
  10. ChristianPF.com – Christian Personal Finance.  You can’t be an effective family leader with messed up money, and failing finances.  Learn about money, and make it an a work for you and your family to build the life you want.

Everyone reads some type of content online.  I figure it might as well be something that will help you grow, something that will help you and your family win in life, something positive and worthwhile.  Every single one of the sites will have a positive impact on your family life.  You will not regret it.

Question:  Do you have any favorite family blogs that didn’t make the list?  Please share some of your favorites in the comment section below.

photo credit: the tartanpodcast via photopin cc

Jan 23, 2013