101 Ways Evernote Can Help Your Family Remember and Organize Everything


Is organization high on your resolution list?  Then You Need Evernote.  I have talked about my use of Evernote in the past, and how I think it is one of the best apps EVER.

Better in 2013

If one of your resolutions this year is to be better organized, then Evernote is a must have.  I have not found a tool that can beat what Evernote does, especially for FREE!

Information Overload

The typical family has paper, calendars, task lists, work, and school assignments to manage. Information is easily accessible today, but how do you remember it all.  Even if you could keep or capture all that info, it is useless if you cannot organize and find it when needed.

Whether you are just getting started with Evernote, or have been a long-time user, I suggest you buy Brian Kelly’s awesome and very practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Second Edition.  It is very much worth the money, and worth setting aside a couple hours to work through the 95 pages.  It will save you many hours and even days of learning Evernote, and help you get the absolute max out of Evernote.

Evernote’s goal is to help you capture anything, access it anywhere, and find it fast.  There are a ton of ways families can use Evernote to remember and organize their stuff.  To show you some of these uses I have compiled a list of 101 ways your family can use it.

101 Ways Evernote Can Help Your Family Remember and Organize Everything

  1. Task management/To-do list
  2. Homeschool record keeping
  3. Family blogging
  4. Contact management/address book
  5. Recipes and cookbooks
  6. Receipts for taxes
  7. Warranty info
  8. Consumer Research
  9. Gift ideas and lists
  10. Family tree/history/geneology records
  11. Book/reading note system
  12. Bible study
  13. Class notes
  14. Track growth of your kids (take pic same place, same time, each year or month)
  15. Household project management
  16. Bank statement records (sometimes online banking will only show the last 12 months or so….clip them into EN)
  17. Journaling
  18. Kindle notes and highlights
  19. School portfolio
  20. Work portfolio
  21. Save mementos
  22. Homeschool projects
  23. Vacation planning
  24. Wardrobe planning (pick outfits and snap pics so when you don’t know what to wear you can search EN…can even categorize or tag by different occasions: business mtg, formal occasion, exercise, family reunion, networking event, church, etc)
  25. Household inventory
  26. Pet records
  27. Shot records
  28. ID cards
  29. Passwords
  30. Packing to locate things after moving and during packing
  31. Pics of bday cards
  32. Pics of gifts for writing thank you cards
  33. Store serial numbers of products
  34. Photo sharing/online photo album
  35. Document new home construction
  36. Save important voice messages w/Google Voice
  37. Document before/after pics of a repair
  38. Track automobile service records
  39. Take pics of gas and utility meters
  40. New home search
  41. Pics of biz cards
  42. Job search
  43. Goal setting and tracking
  44. Employment records
  45. Estate planning
  46. Party planning
  47. Book wish list
  48. Movie idea list
  49. Date night idea list
  50. Allergy list
  51. Medicine list if you take medication
  52. Printer ink #s
  53. Running routes
  54. Exercise and nutrition tracking logs
  55. Clothing sizes for family members
  56. Family reunion planning
  57. List of Favs
  58. Keep track of borrowed items
  59. Family library catalog
  60. Pics of car license and vin #s
  61. Voice recorder
  62. Dimensions of rooms in house
  63. Light bulb sizes for all lights in house
  64. Take pics of handwritten notes
  65. Inspiring quote list
  66. Baby name list
  67. Meanings of your kids names
  68. List of installed apps or programs on computers and mobile devices
  69. Weekly meal planning
  70. Grocery list
  71. Picture or scan to-go menus of fav restaurants
  72. Online scrap book for an event
  73. Track shoe sizes for each brand of shoe you wear (some brands the size is a little different)
  74. Hear a song and want to get it later…put in evernote
  75. List items in house that use batteries and keep list so you know what to get when at store
  76. Registration keys for software
  77. Timeline of your life’s important events
  78. Keep name of a server at a restaurant you like when you received good service to ask for them the next time
  79. School supply list
  80. Take pics if involved in an accident
  81. Photos of wiring system for your computer or entertainment system set up
  82. Track symptoms when not feeling well (can tell to doctor if you visit)
  83. Scan bills and throw away paper
  84. Take pic of the way something is suppose to look so the kids know exactly how it should look when they do it
  85. Electronic filing cabinet
  86. Clip interesting items from the web
  87. Keep online order confirmations and receipts
  88. Keep record of napkin or sticky notes
  89. Monthly memory journal for your kids
  90. Wedding planning
  91. Your gym class schedules
  92. Track spending
  93. Homeschool lesson plans
  94. Playbooks and practice plans for youth sports and/or training
  95. Pic of content of travel bag
  96. Remember parking spot
  97. Remember hotel number
  98. Reference list (personal, business references)
  99. Accomplishment list
  100. Track investments
  101. Fantasy league stat organization

There you have it.  101 ways to remember and organize everything for your family.

Question:  Which of the 101 ways do you see as something you could use for your family?

photo credit: Andy Ciordia via photopin cc

Jan 8, 2013