15 Simple Solutions That Will Have You #Winning In Life

What makes a great life?  Is there some complicated formula or method to winning and living the life you want?  Nope!  It’s very simple.  It’s as simple as elementary math.  Here are 15 Simple Solutions That Will Have You #Winning In Life!

Living Our Desired Life Is Not That Complicated!
  1. Talent + Hard work = Skill
  2. Knowledge + Understanding = Wisdom
  3. God + You = Hope
  4. Trust + Communication = Great relationship
  5. Desire + Belief = No Limit
  6. Prayer + Hustle = Breakthrough
  7. Plans + Diligence = Success
  8. Strength + Courage = Unstoppable
  9. Prayer + Thanks = Peace
  10. Man + Woman = Marriage
  11. Good Nutrition + Exercise = Healthy
  12. Your Life + God’s Hand = Protection
  13. Love + Discipline = Fruitful children
  14. Consistency + Time = Goals met
  15. The Cross + Jesus = Salvation (for all who believe)

Winning and living the life you want can be very simple.  Take this list, and see if there is something on it that you desire in your life.  Then apply the appropriate “formula” and begin #winning, and living the life you want!

What are your thoughts on these simple solutions?  Do you have any simple solutions to add? Please share in the comment section below.



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