Your 2012 Is The Set Up For An Amazing 2013


2012 is leaving and 2013 is arriving whether we like it or not. A reflection of the past 12 months can be very satisfying for some, while disappointing for others.

No matter if you are trying to kick 2012 to the curb as fast as possible, or you hope to savor in each remaining moment, I am sure every one of our futures will be impacted by something we experienced in 2012.

A New Experience

One of my experiences that will impact my 2013 in a major way is me dipping my toes into blogging.  Creating this site and beginning to share my thoughts with the world has been a great experience.  It has humbled me in many ways.  The fact that you are reading now, and that thousands of people have viewed my site, and read my posts really amazes me every time I think about it.

Learning From You

When I began, I wasn’t sure what I’d write about or how it would be received.  I can definitely say I am pleased with it, and my plans in 2013 are to continue sharing my thoughts about the topics that my readers want to hear from me most.  To determine what my readers enjoy most I compiled a list of the top posts by the number of times each page was viewed.

Here are my top 10 posts, according the you, my readers:

  1. Why the Gay Marriage Debate is a Major Problem
  2. 11 Reasons Why Married Life is the Best Life
  3. The Single Greatest Thing A Dad Can Do for His Children
  4. Family Dinners Are Overrated (guest post by Kevin at
  5. Why Your Family Should be Using Evernote Plus 5 Practical Uses
  6. What Makes a Healthy Marriage
  7. 7 Life-Changing Events
  8. 10 Ways to Really Know your Spouse…And Then Some
  9. You’re Not Interested in Your Spouse’s Hobbies…What Do You Do?
  10. Inconsistent Date Nights?  Here is a Great Way For Married Couples To Be Consistent

What You Can Expect in 2013

Based upon the top posts of the past 12 months, my posts about improving marriages seem to be responded to the most.  Family and parenting posts were also received well.  I will continue to focus on helping and encouraging families.  Beginning with the marriage relationship, and extending to the parental relationship.  My belief is that solid families are the foundation which can bring about great change on a small or large scale.

My blog has provided me with an awesome platform for doing this.  In 2013, I hope to expand this platform to help more families.  To do this, I’ll be writing a few eBooks, which will be offered on my site for free.  In addition, I’ll be releasing my first Kindle book.

We Are Just Beginning

2012 had many memorable experiences, and I believe it was a year of planting seeds.  Many of those seeds will begin to produce in 2013.  They will produce strong marriages, great relationships with our kids, and amazing families that will impact our work, ministries, and communities.

I am excited to see this take place, and hope you are expecting it in your very own lives.  That encourages me, and that is why I will continue to work hard to provide better content and a better experience for all who visit my site.  Enjoy the rest of this year, and let’s continue in 2013!  Happy New Year!

Question:  What one thing in 2012 do you think will impact your life the most in 2013 and beyond?

photo credit: photon bomb via photopin cc

Dec 31, 2012