Why the gay marriage debate is a MAJOR problem!


In what world does a support of biblical marriage, marriage between a man and a woman, mean that you are an advocate of hate?  The “gay marriage” debate has been a hot topic as of late, and it is a major problem!  Media coverage of President Obama’s statement announcing his support of gay marriage have added to the intensity of the debate.  More recently Chick-fil-A’s statement saying they are “guilty as charged” for support of the traditional family has added more fuel.

This is getting out of hand

I’ve loosely followed this debate, and the more I read and hear about it the more of a problem I am having. I too, like Dan Cathy of CFA said, am guilty as charged in my belief that marriage is between a man and a woman.  My belief is rooted in the bible and the numerous passages that address it.  I am free and entitled to my personal beliefs and the expression of those beliefs.  Just as someone who believes the opposite of what constitutes a marriage.

But what has happened in many media outlets has gotten to the point of being offensive to me.  I am not offended that another man chose to marry Steve, when I chose to marry Stephana.  I am not offended that now, more than ever, I have to carefully screen every form of media my kids are exposed to for concern of seeing not just a sexual encounter, but a sexual encounter between two men or two women.  I am not offended that someone thinks differently than I do, because they have that right.  Yet I do see these things, and this debate as a major problem, and here is why…

So I am an advocate of hate and my heart is filled with hate?

Many of the media reports about the CFA statement, equate a belief and support of marriage between a man and a woman as an advocate of hate.  This is like going from 0 to 60 in 1.5 seconds.  Here it is.  I have a personal belief. I express that belief.  And now I hate you because you have a contrary belief. Huh??  I searched the definition of hate, and here is what I found: “Feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone): ‘the boys hate each other.’”  Hate does not equal a difference of opinion or belief.  Why do I have to risk being alienated, labeled, and accused of hate because I express what I believe?  That is a major problem.

I am unable to defend the very foundation I stand on without severe consequences

I believe the bible.  I believe what the bible says.  I believe the bible is the definitive guide for my life.  Not one time in the bible does it provide teaching on how two men (or two women) are to relate in a marriage. However, beginning with Adam and Eve (man and woman), through the times it specifically addresses Husbands and Wives (man and woman) in the New Testament, the bible shows through example and teaching how a man and a woman are to relate in marriage.  That is my foundation.  Due to this debate, I am now unable to express, defend, or sometimes even explain this belief without being attacked.  (Just glad I am not trying to open a store somewhere because some politicians may try to block it).  Why am I unable to share my belief without being attacked?  That is a major problem.

This is not even a debatable issue, yet many people are passionately debating it

At the end of the day, what is all this about?  Why are people so passionate?  What is really at stake? The definition of marriage is at stake, that is what.  For those who support gay-marriage, being treated equally in a job, being treated equally in regard to employment benefits, and being treated equally in society is at stake.  For a Christian, who believes God alone created and ordained marriage, redefining marriage is at stake and that is huge.  So when all is said and done, this debate is attempting to redefine what God has already defined in marriage.  That is a major problem!

What biblical marriage supporters should do about it

I will continue to express my belief that marriage is between a man and a woman, just as all of you should, who believe the same.  And I will pray for those who oppose, just like I pray for those who support.  What I won’t do is play the game that is being played against biblical marriage supporters.  I won’t label you a sinner.  I won’t say you are nasty for using your body to do with someone of the same sex, what your body was designed to do with the opposite sex.  And most importantly I won’t offend you by saying you hate me, and alienate you for having a belief contrary to my own.  That would be a major problem.

Question:  How do you feel about this debate and the course it has taken?  Please share in the comment section below.



Aug 6, 2012