Why Bloggers Need to GET Active!


Do bloggers and those of us who work primarily on our computers have bad fitness habits, and thus bad health?  If you blog, and/or spend lots of time in front of your computer that may be the case.  It’s about time you begin to GET Active!

I have been consistently blogging since February of this year, and recently crossed over into ‘real blogger’ status.  (Translation: I spend A LOT of time in front of my laptop).  In doing so, I’ve connected with many other bloggers (and blog readers), and noticed many of our habits and activities that are not beneficial to our health.    Let’s take a look at some of these habits and how it affects us.

Sitting at your computer is killing you

It is inevitable for most of us to sit at our computer for at least 6-8 hours per day.  Most of our work is done via computer, or at some type of desk.  Do you know the negative effects this has on our health?  It increases your risk of death up to 40%.  It makes you fat.  It increases your risk of cardiovascular disease.  So now you can literally go to your boss and tell him/her that your job is killing you! 😉

Your diet is not helping you

Many who blog or sit in front of their computers consume fast and easy prepared foods.  Foods high in caffeine, refined sugars, and fat.  It is well known that these types of foods are detrimental to your health. Food is fuel for your body, and your mind.  What happens when you put bad fuel in your car?  Yep, it breaks down.  When you put bad fuel in your body the same thing happens.  Twenty-five percent of cancer deaths stem from poor nutrition.  In addition, you are not mentally as sharp and more lethargic.

A lack of quality sleep adds more problems

Burning the midnight oil can become a regular pattern for bloggers.  Many not only stay up late, but wake up before the crack of dawn to write.  I personally, prefer writing very early in the morning as there are less distractions and I am mentally fresh.  But what happens when your sleep quality is inconsistent, and/or very close to being nonexistent?  Even those who sleep long hours do not get quality sleep.  One of the main reasons?  Sleep quality is affected by your nutrition and exercise.  Yes, what a vicious cycle this is!

You can do something!

Be encouraged because you can do something about it!  And you don’t have to stop blogging, quit your job because it is killing you, or adjust your lifestyle.  You can two simple things.

  1. Stand once per hour
  2. Get active for at least 30 minutes per day

That is it!  Studies have shown that at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day is needed to help create a healthy lifestyle.  We waste 30 minutes, or more, of every day doing things that have no benefit to any aspect of our lives.  Just two simple things to negate the negative health effects mentioned above. Two simple things that will help increase your energy level, quality of sleep, mental clarity, and overall health.

What will that do for you?

When you incorporate standing up once per hour, and most importantly you GET Active for at least 30 minutes per day the benefits to your health are great!  Like I said above you will feel better and sleep better.  This means more energy, happier and more relaxed.  We all could use this at home with our families, in our work, and yes, our blogging.

In addition, your risk of of a heart attack decreases.  You can manage your weight better.  Lower cholesterol, lower risk of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure.  I could on and on, but I believe you get the point!  Bottom line when you GET Active you GET great health benefits!

Let’s do this together!

I want to invite you to join me during the month of September in a FREE challenge that will help you rid yourself of the bad/unhealthy habits mentioned earlier, and create good/healthy habits that will lead you to an active & healthy lifestyle.

Starting September 1st, the #GETActive 30 Day Challenge kicks off!  Every day during the month of September we will challenge ourselves to at least 30 minutes of physical activity.  Each day that you complete your activity, you’ll then share what you did with all of the other #GETActive30 participants online via Facebook and/or Twitter (join our #GETActive30 Facebook Group, and follow the Twitter conversations using the hashtag #GETActive30).

When you join the challenge, you will also receive nutrition tips, exercise ideas and tips, a checklist to track your progress, and several other goodies to help you meet this challenge.

The #GETActive30 community is with you

Over the 30 days you will be creating a habit that will create a solid foundation for living an active & healthy lifestyle.  One of the best parts is you won’t be doing it alone.  The other participants will encourage you and hold you accountable by sharing their exercise and nutrition ideas, successes, and even struggles.

Are you in???

Tell me that you are taking your health seriously, and you are all in.  Sign up by clicking this link, and inputting your email address.  You’ll begin to receive more info as the challenge nears.  In the meantime, GET ready to #GETActive30!

Question: Do you currently “GET Active” for at least 30 minutes per day?  If not, will you begin? Please share in the comment section below.

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Jul 30, 2012