Is Sitting Killing You?


Could your job literally be killing you?  I am sure many of us have wanted to tell our bosses that very thing. Surprisingly, there may be evidence that supports this thought, if you sit while you work.

The digital and information lifestyle

Most people today spend 6+ hours sitting.  Much of that time sitting is for work purposes.  Since I began blogging earlier this year, the time I spend sitting in front of a computer has dramatically increased.

A couple things that are pretty important to me are my fitness and living an active lifestyle.  Believing that the additional time I sit at my computer may have negative effects on my health and fitness, I decided to do some research.

Below is an interesting infographic that I got from Medical Billing & Coding.  Take a look.

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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The infographic mentions a couple things that you can do to counteract the negative effects of sitting for prolonged periods of your days, and I want to help you with that.  On Monday I will have a FREE offer for you.  You will be able to join a group of other people who desire a more healthy and active lifestyle, and are doing something about it.

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Question:  How many hours per day do you sit?  Please share in the comment section below.

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Jul 28, 2012