The Heartbeat of Your Family


Over the years of being married with kids there has been one thing in our home that has become the heartbeat of our family.  We have made many of our best decisions around it, tons of great memories and stories have been shared there, some of our most troubling problems have been solved there, and our biggest needs are met there on a daily basis.  We have laughed, cried, and even sang around it.  Almost every family has one in their home, but not all use it to it’s full potential.  What am I talking about?  I am talking about our kitchen table.

The Ultimate Place for Family

Our kitchen table has served not only as a place where we eat meals, but as a place where we pray,  we play games, we do school work, we discuss our goals, we launch and execute business plans, and we learn more about one another. We spend a lot of time there.  In my opinion, all families should spend more time there.  It is the ultimate place a family can be together, be productive, and bond with one another.

Major Impact on the Family

Just like the heart has a major impact on the way our body functions, the use of the kitchen table has a huge effect on the way a family functions.  Here are 5 benefits of making the kitchen table “The Heartbeat of your Family”:

  1. Focus on the Family.  The focus is on one another when your family gathers around the kitchen table.  Try not to allow distractions (cell phones, computers, TV, etc.).  Relationships will be strengthened and memories created.
  2. Captivate the Family.  When one person is speaking at the table they are the center of attention for the family at that time.  Our kids learn to speak and captivate an audience, because if they don’t one of their siblings will.  🙂  Listening and speaking skills are developed and improved.
  3. Feed the Family.  When a family eats at their kitchen table more than in front of the couch, or at restaurants, they get better quality meals and more time together.  A need is met, and it is fun!  After all, who doesn’t like eating? 🙂
  4. Work with the Family.  At our table, business ideas have been conceived, books read, both school and work projects completed.  There is a great bonding that takes place when you work together.
  5. Improve the Family.  Have family meetings, set goals, and make plans.  Counsel your children, provide instruction and correction they need.  Use the table as a place to see where you are as a family, and set a course to where you want to go.

A Strong Family

You may already be using your kitchen table as a gathering place to do great things in your family.  If not, I encourage you to do so.  If the kitchen table is the heartbeat of your family, then you want to make sure it continues to beat strong.

Question: How is the kitchen table used in your house?  Please share in the comment section below.

Jun 12, 2012