Future Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists…The Bledsoe Kids


Just wanted to share something exciting with you in a really quick (unedited) post.  This year our kids will be setting up a lemonade stand and participating in their 3rd annual Lemonade Day here in Indianapolis (for more info on Lemonade Day please click here to visit their site).  Each year as part of their lemonade stand business plan, our kids have committed to sharing a portion of their profits with a nonprofit.

Last year they chose to give a donation to the Humane Society of Indianapolis.  After calculating their profits they made a personal visit to the Humane Society to deliver their donation.  The Human Society was very gracious and gave them a private tour by the CEO and some staff members.  Lemonade Day also had a representative there.

Because of what they did last year, Lemonade Day invited them to participate in their “Share Some” Workshop (tomorrow, April 21st at 2pm, at WFYI-Indy), where kids learn the importance of being an entrepreneur and philanthropist.  That is not the exiting part.  The exciting part is that they are actually on the workshop agenda and are 1 of 3 listed speakers.  The other 2 speakers are the CEO of WFYI, Lloyd Wright, and the person responsible for bringing Lemonade Day to Indianapolis, local entrepreneur Scott Jones, who is also the inventor of voice mail and co-founder of ChaCha.

I am almost certain our kids don’t really know who Mr. Wright or Mr. Jones are, but it is a phenomenal experience to be apart of, especially at the age of 11 and 6.  Hopefully it is something they will remember, that will inspire them, and lead them to accomplish great things as entrepreneurs and philanthropists in the future.  Look for another post next week recapping our experience.

Question:  Have you signed your kids (or nieces, nephews, younger cousins) up for Lemonade Day yet?  If not, I encourage you to do so!


Apr 20, 2012