5 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts To Help You FOCUS More and Multi-task Less While Accomplishing More


Put your headphones on, read to your children, check your Facebook news feed, and watch the news.  Now tell me some of the song lyrics, what your child liked about the book, what your Facebook friends have been up to, and what the major local story is about.  I bet you can’t do it!


Although that sounds crazy and none of us are probably doing all of that at once, at least I hope, that is what we are encouraged to do.  Our fast paced lifestyles are encouraging multi-tasking, encouraging us to be a jacks-of-all trades, and a masters of none.  However, doing just the opposite has been proven to be a more effective way to accomplish things.   The old saying is true, “LESS is MORE.


I am learning this lesson myself.  I am learning that multi-tasking is the least effective way to accomplish anything.  In my personal experience I have noticed that focusing on one specific task at a time brings about better results and those results take less time to accomplish.  Have I always practiced this?  NO!  It is VERY DIFFICULT in today’s society with all the messages, distractions, and technology coming at us, but it can be done.

Below I’ve listed 5 DO’s and 5 DON’Ts to help you focus more one one thing and multi-task less. See how you measure up, and where you can improve.

  1. DO dock your phone when you come home so you can focus on your family
  2. DON’T have your phone alert you for every text message, social media update, or email
  3. DO ask yourself: “what is the most important thing that needs to be done…right now?
  4. DON’T have multiple tabs or apps open when working on your computer
  5. DO check email 1-2 times per day max (I suggest at the beginning and end of your work day)
  6. DON’T bring technology to bed with you (especially married folks!)
  7. DO keep something with you to jot down ideas/thoughts so you can revisit after you finish the other most important “one things”
  8. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE!!! Your life and those riding next to you literally depend on it.  Too many accidents due to this.
  9. DO spend a few quiet minutes alone each day to clear your mind
  10. DON’T schedule too many tasks or appointments for you to accomplish in a given day (I find that 5-7 tasks per day and 1-2 appointments works best for me)

Question: How many of the DO’s and DON’Ts do you currently observe? Which new ones will you begin to practice?



May 9, 2012