Great Sunday Reading for the Family Leader


I’m not sure how we connected.  You may have found my blog through a Google search, Facebook, Twitter, or you are a family/friend and I begged you to visit my blog. 😉

Doesn’t matter how, it just matters that we are connected, and hopefully the connection is as valuable to you as it is me.  The community that has developed here, and on my social media pages is pretty cool.

Reaching more family leaders

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but lately I’ve kind of been all over the web.  Through your reading and sharing of my blog, through the engagement and sharing via social, I guess a few people have taken notice.

So I’ve been contributing my 2 cents to other blogging platforms and sites.  In case you haven’t stumbled upon any of these articles recently I thought I’d make it easy and share them right here. 😉

A great family leader is a reader

As you enjoy your Sunday, take a few moments for some great Sunday reading intended to help you be the best Family Leader you can be:

-Did you know there are Love World Records?

-Your sleep habits are holding your relationship back

My marriage has grown since this happened

Men have feelings too!  There, I said it.

-Do you have an unbreakable marriage?

-Peyton and Eli Manning having fun as rap stars.

Church girls and gangstas???  Really?

I hope they all help you grow as a Family Leader.

What can you do this week to grow as a Family Leader?

photo credit: Wiertz Sébastien via photopin cc

Aug 11, 2013