I’ve Been Added As A Writer To One Of The Premier Family Blogs!!!


I wasn’t sure where my blog was going to take me, or what value it was going to provide for my readers (if I had any readers).  Yet, I am beginning to sense it is going to reach further than I initially thought, and help more people than expected.

Last week, I was contacted by one of the web’s premier family and parenting blogs, a blog dedicated to sharing a positive image of marriage and family, BlackandMarriedWithChildren.com (BMWK).  I was asked to be one of their writers!  This is a huge opportunity, and I am really humbled by it.  My blog has been up all of 5 1/2 months (and I unwisely took one month off), and I am now on the short list of writers for a blog that has been named, “2011 Best Parenting or Family Blog“, “2010 Best Parenting Blog“, “2009 Best Blog Culture” and one of “Parent Magazine’s 2010 Must Read Blogs”.

In addition to more awards, they are the creators of the Amazon.com best selling documentaries, “Happily Ever After: A Positive Image of Black Marriage“, and “You Saved Me“.  Most recently they released “Still Standing“, which I am sure is on it’s way to touching many lives just like the first two.

Ready or not here I come

Just to be real, I consistently question whether my writing is valuable to anyone other than me.  Now 100+ posts later, my writing will have the opportunity to touch hundreds of thousands of people.  My Pastor preached a sermon this past Sunday titled “Ready or Not, Here I Come“, and that is what I feel like saying right now.

I had plans to offer freelance writing services through my blog, but wasn’t sure when the proper time was. Well, “ready or not, here I come!”  Effective immediately, I will offer freelance writing services for blogs, magazines, news, newsletters, books, etc.  If you are interested or know someone who could use my services email me.

How you benefit from this

When you read my blog I want you to get as much benefit as possible.  Through my connection with BMWK, I will have opportunity to connect with companies and organizations that offer family related products and services.  I will share them with you, and some will be offered as giveaways.

The more interaction and engagement here on my blog, the more opportunities, in addition to BMWK, I’ll have to share with you.  I highly suggest you subscribe to receive my updates so you won’t miss anything.

How you can help

This blog would just be a family journal, if it wasn’t for you, my readers.  I am thankful for each comment, each Like, each retweet, and each share.  My goal is to reach as many people as possible to help them continue to GET better along with you and I.  Will you help me do this?  Here are some suggestions on how you can help.

  1. Let me know what you like about my blog, and why you would recommended it to others.  (Please share in the comment section below).
  2. When my weekly posts run on the BMWK site, read them, and leave a comment. (I want to add value to BMWK, and in the process show my value to others who could use my services)
  3. Connect with and share my social media pages.
    • Like my Facebook Page, and share with your friends
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  4. Continue reading my posts, and sharing your honest feedback and thoughts in the comment section.

I appreciate any way that you choose to help!!

Question: What do you like about my blog?  Why would your recommend it to others?  Please share in the comment section below.



Jul 17, 2012