My Big Announcement…After All My Babble…..


I recently wrote a post about what happens when you love your work.  Great things happen when you love what you do, and use it to help other people.  I shared with my Facebook friends and followers yesterday that I had an exciting announcement coming today.  The post ended with a clue, this quote…

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things”

I think one of my friends figured out the quote was from Walt Disney.  And his quote captures exactly how I feel right now with where my writing and publishing business is going.  You see last week, I accepted an opportunity to be a writer for one of Disney’s websites.  I am now one of the newest Relationship Bloggers for Disney’s!

Commitment to help families

Walt Disney created something that has impacted the lives of millions of families all over the world for many years.  The influence of Walt Disney on children, parents, and families has very few equals.   Now, I am part of it all.  My life, my family, and my words will have a  huge influence on families all over the world!  That is pretty doggone cool!

How you can read my Babble blogs

I will still be sharing the type of content I’ve always shared on my blog here.  That won’t change.  I will also publish at least three brand new articles every week on Babble.  You can check out my content on there by clicking this link, or copying and pasting the following link in your browser:

You can also click on any of the banner images throughout my site that look like the following.


You will find them in the sidebar, and in the middle of some of my blog posts.

Kicking off my Babble column with a bang

My first post was published today on Babble.   The post is titled, “5 Ways a Husband Can Keep the Fireworks Poppin’ in Marriage – Even After July 4th.”  Please check it out today.

It almost didn’t happen, as I began having serious computer issues the past couple days.  So, if you know where I can get a nice laptop, or know a company who is willing to sponsor a new laptop in exchange for advertising and promotion, PLEASE connect me with them.

Also, I’d love you to leave a comment on the Babble post to show my Disney team that they made a good choice in adding me to their team.

I hope you, my friends, family, peeps, and fellow family leaders show up and engage on the site, especially on my first post.

I know my blogging platform, and all the opportunities coming as a result, would be non-existent if not for you!  I am truly grateful, THANK YOU!

Question:  What topics would you like to see me publish on Babble?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc

Jul 5, 2013