Coaching + Writing = Slam Dunk Opportunity!


Although I have written as much as I’ve liked to lately, my writing is still be read and shared by people.  Recently, I was contacted by a website having an amazing impact on the development of many young athletes, and I was asked to be a contributing writer for the site.  The site is called, and it is meeting a great need for athletes, and their parents.

As an entrepreneur and former athlete I understand the importance of a coach.  CoachUp does as well, and has created a phenomenal platform to help athletes achieve their full potential by connecting them with great private coaches.  I am glad to be part of this platform and looking for to sharing from my perspective of sports parenting and youth mentorship.

My first post went live today, and tackles my adjustment going from coaching all my kids sports to watching them as a fan this season.  I’m struggling a lil bit!  Haha!  Check it out below:

“As a former athlete, one of the toughest challenges I had involving sports happened when my children began to play.  When you play a sport, dedicate years and years to developing your skill, studying the game, and competing, you reach the point where you feel a sense of control over the outcome.

Of course that outcome doesn’t always end the way you hoped and envisioned, but you generally have a good handle on the basics of the sport.

A total loss of control

When I quit playing, and my children began playing, I lost about 99.9% of the control I felt I had.  That was a tough adjustment.  Knowing and seeing the best play to be made at a particular moment, and witnessing something that did not look anything like that “best play”, sometimes got the best of me.

Noticing a player wide open under the basket, but never receiving the ball.  Seeing a wide open running lane and the player running back the other way.  I had no control over either.”

Click here to read the full post, and share your experiences in the comment section.

Question:  Do you have children participating in sports?  What are your likes/dislikes with the experiences so far?

photo credit: Josa Jr via photopin cc

Dec 13, 2012