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When I launched my blog in February 2012, I had very few visitors on my site.  Since then I have begun to write for a few other websites too.  I have published  269 blog posts, 225 on this site alone, since that first blog post.  I have been doing a lot of writing!

In case you missed it

I am encouraged to know my writing is encouraging you, and providing value.  I am sure you have not read every single post I have published.  Which means you may have missed some of my best posts.  So the next 5-10 days I will republish the posts which have received the most page views and/or comments.  Five will be chosen from my site, and five from the other sites I write for.

This will give those of you who are new to my blog, and my writing, a chance to see some of the posts which have provided a lot of value to other readers.  For those who may have previously read some of these top posts, it will give you a chance to see something you may have missed the first time, and just maybe it will be an encouragement to you all over again.

More ways you can G.E.T. it!

During this time I will be working on some projects I have not been able to work on as much as I’d like to.  First, and foremost, I will release my first Marriage eBook, “Marriage is for Lovers and Fighters, How to Love and Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage.

A few other projects I will begin, and work on are:

  • GET Active 30-Day challenge (during May).  I will determine if the challenge will run on my blog, or if it will just run exclusively on the GET Active 30-Day Challenge Facebook group.
  • First Kindle book.  I’ll start writing my very first book to be available in the Kindle format.  Available later this year.
  • Tips and resources email newsletter.  I’ll be creating a weekly newsletter filled with tips, and other valuable resources, to help you in marriage, parenting, and family.

All of these projects are my way to Give, Encourage, and Teach you the ideas I have about leading a family.  My hope is my blog will be the platform for Growing Family Leaders who G.E.T. it!

What to do when you G.E.T. it

While I hustle on these projects, please enjoy some of my best writing to date.  And I would really appreciate it if you will share these posts with your family and friends.  Facebook share them, Tweet them, Pin the images, and send them to your circles on Google+.

Your feedback is very important to me.  When you share my posts it tells me what I wrote was helpful to you, and you would like to see more content like it.  Thank you for encouraging me to write, and helping build an online community of people passionate about being better husbands, wives, parents, and family leaders!

Question:  If my blog has been helpful in some way, encouraging, or you have learned something to help you, please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

photo credit: piermario via photopin cc

Apr 29, 2013