Do You Feel Like There Is Not Enough Time In A Day?

In the name of ‘productivity‘, ‘getting things done‘, and being highly effective, I have been guilty of trying to cram too much stuff into a given day.  I know I am not the only one.  From time to time you may find yourself wishing there was more time in a day.

Do You Feel Like There Isn't Enough Time In A Day?

Technology has afforded us practically everything we need to better manage our time, be more productive, and multi-task to the best of our ability.  But is that the most important thing?

Should our focus be on getting as much done as possible, checking off things on a checklist to achieve our goals?  Maybe to some degree, but not to the degree where we go to bed feeling worn out, yet feeling as if we should have gotten more accomplished.

How much time do we need?

If 24 hours is not enough time in a day, then how much do we need?  Do we need two more hours, four, eight, another 24?  And if it were possible to get two, or even 24, extra hours in a day, would we just fill it up with more stuff and be feeling the same way?

We have been given what we need

The problem is not a lack of time.  Many times we just cram our days up with things that are not vital.  As I said earlier, in the name of productivity.  A friend of mine shared a quote with me last night.  He wasn’t exactly sure where it came from, as a friend of his shared it with him.  I find it very timely in my life today, and I bet it will be in yours too.

“There is enough time in every day to do the will of God.”

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That is your purpose

Simple, yet powerful.  We have been created to do God’s will.  Nothing more, nothing less.  God himself has given us enough time to do that every single day.  We run into problems each day when we fill our days with things that are not of God’s will.  That may be our will, the will of someone else (in order to please them), or just time wasters period.

How do I know what God’s will is?

I have owned many cell phones, computers, and gadgets.  When I want to know the purpose of the gadget or something specific about it I go to it’s creator.  Typically each manufacturer provides a written manual (online version or hard copy).  God has done the exact same thing.  He has provided us a manual for the purpose of His creation, and what His creation is suppose to do.  This manual is the bible.

What is most important?

No matter your belief.  Whether you believe in God, Jesus, the bible or not.  You will have enough time each day when you focus on what is most important.  In my life, that is doing God’s will.  I am hoping it is in your life as well.

Knowing is half the battle

I encourage you to ask yourself what is most important.  When you know this begin to focus each day on it.  See if that leads you to feeling shortchanged at the end of the day, or more fulfilled and more energized.  I put my money on the latter.

Question:  How do you determine if you have had a productive day?  Please share in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Do You Feel Like There Is Not Enough Time In A Day?

  1. Time is just a human invention, IMHO. All is in divine order. I try to only do what I can each day and don’t try to work myself into the ground any more 🙂