Solving Small Problems Prepares You to Solve BIG Problems


Have you experienced the discouraging feeling when you realize you’ve been in a similar (bad) place before.  Maybe at the end of the year you are reviewing goals, setting new goals, and you realize you were in the same place this time last year!  Talk about frustration!

It is not uncommon.  I have been there many times before.  I don’t want to be there anymore!  The problems I am facing today, I never want face them in this capacity again!

Are Problems A Part of Life?

Problems rarely just go away.  We may not acknowledge them, but until we learn how to solve them, they remain in some form.  Sometimes they snowball and get larger.  Solving problems, overcoming challenges, or whatever you call them is something that we will have in our lives.  We were created to solve problems for ourselves and others.

Problem Solving is Like Weight Training

Have you been to the gym, or at least witnessed someone at the gym?  Have you watched those guys with huge muscles lifting weights with multiple plates on both ends?  Each one of them started with very little weight.

They started small, then as they continue to push that weight off them, overtime they were able to lift more weight.  If they never solved the problem of the light weight, then they would have no chance at the heavy weight.

Solving problems works the same way.  When you solve small problems you gain the “muscle” to solve large problems.  When you solve those larger problems, you’ve gained the muscle to solve even larger problems.  It is just the way it works.

Problem Solving is an Inside Game

Your toughest problems reside in you.  Your biggest fight is with the enemy “in-a-me.  When you solve those problems, when you begin making changes internally, you gain mental, emotional, and intellectual muscle to help you solve those external problems.

This is where most of your “training” should focus.  Just like the weight training in the gym, if you don’t consistently train, then you won’t get the results.  When you master the inside game, then the outside game, and your entire life, will begin to change.

How to Change Your Life

I began working harder on my inside game this year.  One method I used was to put a message, a quote, or something that helped me focus on an area in my life I wanted to improve.  If you are a reader of my blog you may be familiar with what I’ve done.  My Whiteboard Quote of the Day was something I created to share, what I was working to improve, with you, my readers.

I’ve taken several of those quotes, added some biblical principles, and put them in an e-book, called “13 Ways to Change Your Life…Using a White Board!”  And I am giving the e-book away for FREE!!!

Are You Moving To or Away From What You Want In Life

Becoming a better person, solving your current problems, and having what you want in life doesn’t happen by accident.  You have to be intentional, and you have to be consistent.  My e-book helps you do just that.  Check it out, and do something that will ensure you don’t look up this time next year, and realize you were in the exact same place last year!

Question:  What problem would you like to solve in your life right now?  Are you willing to take action?  Please share in the comment section below.


Sep 7, 2012