Whiteboard Quote of the Day: What Needs to be Done…Right Now?


How often are you distracted by the many things going on around you?  Do you easily lose focus while in the middle of something?  I will be honest and say I can answer both of those questions with “a lot” and “yes“.  Remaining in a pattern like that can kill your productivity, damage your relationships, and leave you having unfulfilled days (which lead to unfilled weeks…and months…and years!).

Here is one simple action, when made into a habit, that will help you refocus during times like that. Talk to yourself! 🙂  Ask yourself this question:

“What needs to be done?”

If you want t0 get a little more detailed, then ask yourself:

“What (is the most important thing that) needs to be done…(right now)?”

Once you answer that question, drop everything else and give 110% of your attention to that particular task, person, or whatever it may be.  Do this until you have completed the task or finished interacting with that person.  Begin to put this habit into practice immediately!  Finish reading this post, then stop what you are doing, and ask yourself: What is the most important thing that needs to be done…right now? Then start doing it until completion, rinse and repeat.

Question:  What do you do when you find yourself distracted and you need to regain your focus?

May 7, 2012