Using Evernote for Your Family is A Great Way to Organize Your Family’s Stuff

If your family is like my family then you probably collect paper like LeBron James collects MVP trophies.  Except your paper collection is not something to brag about.  Your family probably has many keepsakes, medical records, lists, goals, and things you want to purchase as well.  All of that can be overwhelming!

Using Evernote for Your Family is A Great Way to Organize Your Family's Stuff - - Growing Family Leaders

101 Ways Evernote Can Help Your Family Remember and Organize Everything

Is organization high on your resolution list?  Then You Need Evernote.  I have talked about my use of Evernote in the past, and how I think it is one of the best apps EVER. - 101 Ways Evernote Can Help Your Family Remember and Organize Everything

Better in 2013

If one of your resolutions this year is to be better organized, then Evernote is a must have.  I have not found a tool that can beat what Evernote does, especially for FREE!

5 Marriage Areas Husbands Need to Protect In 2013

Happily Ever After is the dream that most married couples have in the  newlywed years.  Date, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have kids, and live happily ever after.  Those of us who are married know that isn’t always the way it happens.  The 50% divorce rate provides a more in-your-face reality check that happily ever after just doesn’t happen.  At least it doesn’t happen without a fight! - 5 Marriage Areas Husbands Need to Protect in 2013

How To Eliminate Paper Clutter With Evernote

I DO NOT like paper!  I am on a quest to eliminate as much paper in my life as possible.  But everyday new paper finds its way in my life.

How to Eliminate Paper Clutter Using Evernote

Mail, meeting notes, business receipts, maintenance quotes and records, medical records, warranties, bills, statements, school work, flyers, magazine articles, etc.  It can be overwhelming!

Team Fundraising: Getting the Players and the Community Involved

The cost of participating in youth sports is an ongoing and ever-increasing one.  Parents shoulder the responsibility for sports gear, travel expenses, sports camps, pictures, registration fees and more.  As such, fundraising has become a readily accepted practice by players, parents and coaches.

High cost of youth sports makes team fundraising very necessary

Players might see team fundraising as a chance to interact and get to know other players on the team.  Coaches can look at fundraising as a financially beneficial teambuilding exercise.  Teambuilding leads to fewer misunderstandings and less discontent within the team.

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Marriage’s Biggest Challenges Can Be Good For You

It’s Friday and that means my friend Shawn Snyder, from The Odd Couple Blog, and I are teaming up on our weekly marriage blog.  Shawn will share her thoughts (in green) on the topic through the eyes of a woman/wife, and I’ll share mine (in blue) through the eyes of a man/husband.  This week’s topic is Your Biggest Marriage Obstacle and How To Deal With It.  Enjoy!

Obstacles in marriage can be a challenge

Money problems are the number one reason marriages end in divorce.  Everyone knows this, and many have witnessed it.  The finances in your marriage have the potential to be your biggest obstacle to having an awesome marriage.  I’m convinced every marriage has dealt with this obstacle regardless how much money they have.

My marriage is no different.  I can truly say money has been our biggest obstacle to date.  However, it has not been an obstacle we have let come between us.

What Writing Daily Has Done for Me and What You Can Learn From It

It is amazing when you give to others, how much you receive.  When you encourage people how much you are encouraged.  And when you teach practical ideas how much you learn.

The habit of daily writing opens opportunities

Since I have been blogging and attempting to GIVE more, ENCOURAGE people, and TEACH what I’ve learned to the readers of my blog, it has come back to me.  I am thankful for each and everyone of you who read my blog!

Raising an Olympian – Paying the Cost (Part 2 of 3)

The Olympics are at the midpoint and you have probably enjoyed watching the athletes compete, while learning about some of their personal lives.  Last week, in part one of this series on Raising an Olympian I shared the story of Gabby Douglas moving away from home to train for her Olympic dream.  Her family had to let her go in order for her to reach her highest level.  A tremendous sacrifice.

Raising an Olympian - Paying the Cost