Using Evernote for Your Family is A Great Way to Organize Your Family’s Stuff


If your family is like my family then you probably collect paper like LeBron James collects MVP trophies.  Except your paper collection is not something to brag about.  Your family probably has many keepsakes, medical records, lists, goals, and things you want to purchase as well.  All of that can be overwhelming!

What is the best way to organize your family and your stuff without the need of an extra room, or garage bay?

You may not be to the level which makes you the perfect candidate for an episode of “Hoarders.”  But the average family has a lot of info and stuff to organize.  After trying a lot of different things, I have found the best way to organize my family, and I’m sure it’ll help you organize your family too.

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Evernote the tool a family can’t live without

The title for this post, from my series of most popular post is “Why Your Family Should Be Using Evernote Plus 5 Practical Uses” [Tweet this]

The post includes 5 everyday uses that can be put into practice.  See how they work for you.  Below is an excerpt of the post:

Why I use Evernote

When I first used Evernote I used it primarily as a note taking tool.  Then I learned many more practical uses.  Some of my top uses are tracking ideas for my blog posts, gift ideas for my wife and kids, goals and projects I am am working on, web content I want to access later, health and medical records, bible notes and studies, inspiring quotes, and any thought or note that I think I want to access later.

One reason it is so valuable to me is not only can I capture and remember anything that is important or relevant to me, but I can quickly and easily retrieve that info when I need it.  Evernote has a powerful search engine and tagging system.  Each note I create is placed in a notebook, which is inside a relevant stack, and I tag that note.  The combination of tags and Evernote search give me the ability to find the info I am looking for in a matter of seconds.

Why your family should use Evernote

As mentioned with Evernote you can capture any and everything that is important or relevant to the things in your life, and you can easily locate them later when needed.  You can also share it with your family. The share feature just takes Evernote to the next level.  It allows both spouses, and the kids if necessary, to have access to important information at all time, anywhere.

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Question:  Would a book that provides a list of uses, and” how to” instruction to  specifically use Evernote for your family be useful to you?

Not quite sure where to begin with Evernote? Or are you a long-time user, looking to maximize it’s use?  Either way, I recommend Brian Kelly’s awesome and very practical e-book, Evernote Essentials, Version 3.  It is very much worth the money, and packed full with 159 pages of practical info on using Evernote.  It will save you many hours and even days of learning Evernote, and help you get on your way to an organized life and family.

photo credit: PetitPlat – Stephanie Kilgast via photopin cc

May 7, 2013