5 Marriage Areas Husbands Need to Protect In 2013


Happily Ever After is the dream that most married couples have in the  newlywed years.  Date, fall in love, get married, buy a house, have kids, and live happily ever after.  Those of us who are married know that isn’t always the way it happens.  The 50% divorce rate provides a more in-your-face reality check that happily ever after just doesn’t happen.  At least it doesn’t happen without a fight!

Husbands on the marriage front lines

There are things, people, and circumstances that will bring a marriage down if you are not careful.  As husbands in marriage, God has called us to be the head, the priest, the first line of defense, the sacrificial lamb, the whatever is needed to cover and protect our spouse and our family.  Anything that goes down, good or bad, in our marriages begins with us.  Yes, husbands it is not our wives fault.

Pick your battles

Fortunately, as men we naturally look for a fight or a something to compete for.  We are somewhat territorial.  This is good, if we know what battles to fight, and what areas to protect.  It can be catastrophic when we do not.  Below I’ve listed 5 marriage areas husbands need to protect in 2013.

5 Marriage Areas Husbands Need to Protect in 2013:

  1. Spiritual.  Spiritual warfare is real, and is the first place of protection.  You will be amazed at how things, and your wife change, when you are in a right relationship with Christ.  The reason they change is because you change first.  If this area is not protected, it will be much more difficult to protect the others.
  2. Time.  Technology advancements are supposed to make us more productive.  Sometimes I think they just make us more busy.  With so many time sucks, the time with our spouses needs to be protected…that includes from our very own kids.  Mommy/Daddy time or husband/wife time must be non-negotiable, and everyone else must know and respect it!
  3. Physical.  Of course if somebody approaches our wife in a threatening way we are going to step to them.  But what about the health of our wives.  I personally want a very long, and high quality life with my wife.  I know we have to take care of our health in terms of what we eat, getting active, and resting our bodies properly for that to happen.  Encourage your wife, lead your wife in living a healthy life, and do it together.
  4. Relationships.  We all come into marriage with different ideas and expectations.  Many are learned from our parents or the other marriages we’ve witnessed.  Some of those expectations need to be unlearned.  And unfortunately,  some relationships need to be let go.  If a relationship comes in between yours,  then guess what?  That relationship needs to go!  I am not saying cut off your family & friends, but you don’t have to live your marriage like theirs.  Leave and cleave to your spouse.
  5. Finances.  This is one of the main reasons many marriages end in divorce.  As the husband we are responsible for casting the vision in our household.  So, even if your wife is the analytical person, numbers person, your vision as husband is crucial.  Husbands should be able to manage the “business of family” just as the wife.  Do not just hand it over because numbers are not your thing.  At a minimum cast the vision, and stay engaged on the management of the household finances.

Question:  Do you agree, when these areas are protected by the husband, our marriages will be stronger?  What other critical areas need the protection of the husband?

photo credit: KWDesigns via photopin cc

Jan 4, 2013