5 Fun Videos You Must Capture for Your First Instagram Video


Although I blog and spend way too many hours online via my phone and my laptop, I completely missed the wave of Twitter’s Vine app.  Wait, you did too?  Well, it didn’t last too long so you didn’t miss much.  Instagram Video is now here less than six months after Vine launched.  So, will you jump on board, will your family use Instagram Video?  What will your first InstaVideo posts be?

What in the world is Vine and Instagram?

In short, Vine and Instagram are apps which allow users to create short video clips, and share with people who have followed their accounts.  Vine limits video clips to 6 seconds, while Instagram Video allows 15 seconds.  Vine is owned by Twitter and Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Why Instagram Video is a fun app for families

Our family has a ton of video clips of our kids doing fun things.  That is pretty cool, because there are very few video clips of me when I was a kid.  Most of them have been lost, or damaged.  So, I appreciate the ability to build a library of video clips to show my kids as they grow older, “how you used to act.”  🙂

However, the video clips are in so many different places it is hard to keep up with.  On our phones, SD cards, laptops, iPad, desktops, external storage drives, and cloud storage drives.  Instagram just might be that a great place to capture and store these short video clips in one place, without taking up space on your device.

The first 5 family videos you must record with Instagram Video

The first thing I thought of when I heard about Instagram Video was how can I use this and have fun with my wife and kids.  I am not sure yet, but here are some suggestions for your first 5 family videos using Instagram Video.

  1. “My first Instagram Video.”  When I opened my Instagram app last night it was filled with “My first Instagram Video” videos (that was weird to say).  So, the minute you update your app, watch a “how to,” then you must…I repeat you must…record a video with the caption saying, “My first Instagram Video.”  Don’t forget to add a hashtag, #instavideo, #firstvideo, or #first.
  2. Your kids doing whatever.  It doesn’t matter what your kids are doing.  You just got this cool app, and you need to try it out.  Ask the kids to do something, and instavideo it!  I tried to video my son dancing to some gospel rap this morning, only to find out Instagram Video is only available on Android 4.1.  I have Android 4.0.  When 4.0 gets an update, all three of my kids will be #instavideo dancing!
  3. Flirting with your wife.  Instavideo yourself saying something that will make your wife blush, then quickly pan to her to catch her expression.  If she tries to walk, or run away pursue her using up that entire 15 seconds.  Next, post the video with the caption saying, “I still got it!”
  4. Do something random.  Again just like #2, it doesn’t matter what it is.  One of my favorite rappers, Lecrae posted an instavideo of himself doing P90X workouts while waiting in the airport.  Again, it doesn’t matter, just use the new feature!
  5. Catch somebody falling asleep.  If you have young children it shouldn’t be too hard.  However, it would be even better if you catch an adult falling asleep.  I’ve seen some comical Instagram photos of people caught sleeping.  Now you can catch the head knod, add some effects, and watch it over and over.

Question:  What will your first Instagram Video post be?  Please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Nokia RSA via photopin cc

Jun 21, 2013