Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy and DO IT!

My wife competed in her first triathlon today! She did not compete in each phase, but she was one member of a team of three who tag-teamed the event.  She completed the cycling stage of the event, and I am happy to say she thoroughly enjoyed it!

Have fun being physically active and getting exercise

#GETActive Sooner Rather Than Later

Recently I’ve been asking my wife to run with me, and we recently began to do so in the mornings.  While I have been asking her to run with me just recently, she has been asking me to ride bikes with her for over a decade.  While we were dating she bought a bike and I was suppose to buy one so we could ride together. Last month I finally bought a bike, actually she bought me a bike at a garage sale, for $5! Bad husband, I know!

Living Active Lifestyles and Having Fun!

Since then we have gone on several bike rides with the kids and some without the kids.  She has loved each and every ride.  Today, she got up earlier than she normally does so she could compete with her team in the triathlon.  When she was done, she was glowing!  She not only wants to do it again, but she is actually considering seriously competing in some cycling events.

Key to Living Active…Find Something You Enjoy!

So now we will begin her “training” to compete for fun and for “real” in future cycling events.  The beauty of it is not that she will be competing, but that she will be living a much more active lifestyle while training to complete more events like these.

In addition, our daughter was inspired and said she would like to swim.  I enjoy running and running events, so you may see “Team Bledsoe” competing in a future triathlon somewhere.  I encourage you to find a physical activity you enjoy begin doing it regularly.

Question:  Have you competed in a running, cycling, or swimming event, or do you desire to? Please share it in the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “Find a Physical Activity You Enjoy and DO IT!

  1. I have enjoyed training and participating in triathlons for the past two years. If Stephana wants to go further with this, she needs to know about MultiFit – an AWESOME endurance sports group at the Jordan YMCA on Indy’s Northside. They offer upwards of 25 coached workouts per week (pick and choose the ones that fit your schedule). It is a wonderful group of people who are very beginner-friendly (although there are also some very accomplished athletes in the group, too). The coaches are great, particularly the head coach who is, no exaggeration, the best mentor/teacher I have ever had in any field of endeavor in my entire life. This is just one of those special communities of great people who help each other and cheer for each other and take joy in each others’ fitness journeys. Several of my MultiFit friends are competing in the Louisville Ironman tomorrow. I’m not quite up to Ironman distances yet, but I do have an Olympic distance tri coming up next Saturday.

    • PS – should have specifically mentioned that the workouts focus on cycling, swimming, and running. There are also some strength, core, and flexibility workouts that support all three of the main disciplines.

    • Thanks for sharing Anthony! I will definitely let her know and she may be interested. The experience of training and participating in this Triathlon has been really inspiring to her.

  2. Jackie, your wife is an inspiration to me in so many ways. LOVE that woman!!! I am thinking of joining a triathlon training team at the Jordan YMCA in Nora. I need an accountability partner. Do you think I could talk her into joining the team with me? 😉