The Key to Success: Doing it When You Want to, and When You Don’t

I enjoy running outside probably more than any other exercise. This summer, I joined a running group made up of women whom all love running more than I do to help keep me motivated. I signed up for a 5K next month, but not just any old 5K, one where I’ll be running away from zombies who’ll try their best to take me down. So with my love of running, and all of my external motivation, you would think that I would be chomping at the bit to get moving every day.

The Key to Success: Doing it When You Want to, and When You Don’t
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Live an Active Lifestyle. Join The #GETActive30 Day Challenge

Living an active lifestyle will make you a healthier person.   Exercise helps prevent disease. Therefore when you complete regular physical activities you reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancer types.

Live and Active Lifestyle. Join the #GETActive30 Day Challenge

Then why don’t a large percentage of people  live active lifestyles???

I’ve read that physical inactivity is ranked just behind cigarette smoking as a cause of bad health.  So if you don’t exercise there isn’t much difference in your health than a smoker’s health.

With this knowledge, why would you not exercise regularly???

Please Take My #GETActive30 Day Challenge Survey

Today is the last day of the #GETActive30 Day Challenge, and National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  It has been a fun challenge, and for me a spring board to get back to working out on a regular basis.

I hope everyone who took the Challenge has been encouraged, and is on their way to a lifestyle of physical activity.  This will not be the last #GETActive30 Day Challenge.

Playing Video Games Daily Meets Your Physical Activity Goals

We are at the halfway point of the #GETActive30 Day Challenge, and those that are participating are getting tremendous results.  For those that aren’t familiar with the challenge, we have committed to 30 minutes of physical activity everyday in the month of May for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month.  Through the #GETActive30 Facebook Group we have been able to encourage one another, learn from one another, and share our daily activities.  One common, and convenient, activity many of us have been doing is playing video games.  Yes, playing video games has become a regular part of our physical activities!

7 Fun Physical Activities Involving Your Entire Family

We are 4 days into the #GETActive30 Day Challenge, and we are all off to a great start!  Yet, it’s early so I know we will encounter challenges that will try to keep us from our daily activity.

One of the biggest challenges to exercising on a daily basis for many parents is what to do with the kids.  Like many other things in our family, we try to find ways to involve our kids. Involving the kids in your physical activities provides a great way to spend time, and it models an active lifestyle.

Been Ignoring Your Health? – Join The #GETActive30 Day Challenge

Today is May 1st the first day of National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (NPFSM), and Day 1 of the GET Active 30 Day Challenge!  For those of you that have already joined in I am excited to GET active with you this month, and for those that haven’t joined us yet…WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Join us today!

Whiteboard Quote of the Day – Just Do It.

Not much needs to be said about today’s Whiteboard Quote of the Day.  Nike said A LOT with 3 very little words.  In May for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month (NPFSM) I am challenging myself, and all who want to join me, in completing 30 minutes of physical activity every day, called the #GETActive30 Day Challenge.  I learned about NPFSM Sunday morning at church, and by Sunday afternoon I made the commitment to myself.