Live an Active Lifestyle. Join The #GETActive30 Day Challenge


Living an active lifestyle will make you a healthier person.   Exercise helps prevent disease. Therefore when you complete regular physical activities you reduce your risk of developing diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and certain cancer types.

Then why don’t a large percentage of people  live active lifestyles???

I’ve read that physical inactivity is ranked just behind cigarette smoking as a cause of bad health.  So if you don’t exercise there isn’t much difference in your health than a smoker’s health.

With this knowledge, why would you not exercise regularly???

Everyone Can Live an Active Lifestyle

Outside of  physical limitations or handicaps, there are no good reasons.  Even individuals with handicaps can exercise and not allow excuses to stop them.  One has even made it to the Olympics.

Even as a former college athlete I have not always been active.  So I understand.  The things I learned get back to living an active lifestyle can help you as well.   I learned I needed to develop a habit of physical activity every day.  I learned I need some encouragement, accountability and support some days.  I learned that for me to continue being active I need to find or develop something I enjoyed doing.

#GETActive30 Day Challenge

Today is day one of September’s #GETActive30 Day Challenge.  This challenge was designed and created with one major goal.  To help as many people live active lifestyles as possible.  That goals is reached by creating a habit that will last.

Every day you are challenged to complete one 30 minute (or more) physical activity everyday for 30 days.  Once you create a habit, it is very hard to stop.  Just ask the any smoker.

To help you meet your goal each day are encouraged, supported and accountable to all the other participants.  Complete your activity each day and share it with the group.  When you miss a day, the group is there to encourage and inspire you to get back to it.

With everyone in the group sharing the physical activities they completed you will learn a variety of ways to get active.  As you continue to meet your challenge each day, share your activity and see the other activities you can find what exercises you really enjoy.

How To Join the #GETActive30 Day Challenge

There are two basic steps to join the challenge:

  1. Click here to sign-up.
  2. Join the community by clicking here.

Once you sign up it is time to GET ACTIVE!  Each day you will do three things:

  1. Complete one physical activity for at least 30 minutes
  2. Share your activitywith the group
  3. Encouraging your fellow participants by commenting, replying, and retweeting their activities.

Live and Active Lifestyle. Join the #GETActive30 Day Challenge

What You Get When You Join the #GETActive30 Day Challenge

When you sign up you’ll receive a weekly email with some freebies to help you during the challenge including a checklist to track your progress.  The emails will be packed with exercise ideas, fitness tips, and links to resources from fitness and nutrition experts.

As you complete the challenge  you will begin your journey to living an active lifestyle.  If you are already active you will be encouraged and supported by others.  If you have been living active for some time you can share your experience and expertise to help others along the way.  Win-win-win for all involved!

GET Your Friends and Family Involved Too

Do you have friends and family you want to join you on this journey?   Who do you know that could really benefit from a community of people encouraging and sharing their progress?  Who do you know that has been there, done that and could be helpful for the newbies and those who have been inactive for a while?  Invite them to join the party!

Sep 1, 2012