GET Ready for Success…It is Coming!


Are you ready for success?  If you reached your goal would you be able to handle it?

I read that over 70% of lottery winners go broke within a few years.  Before you begin the “smh” (shaking my head), answer this.  Have you ever hoped for something, had it happen, and you were not prepared for it?  I am guilty of that.  If that is the case, are we any different than the lottery winners who go broke?  How do we know if we are ready?

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

One of my favorite quotes is, “your actions are so loud, I cannot hear the words you are saying” (unknown author).  The actions we take, or don’t take, tell a lot about what we believe and what we value.  If you are hoping for the dream job, but you never submit an application, or research any companies…then you aren’t ready for it.  If you are hoping your family will not repeat the financial pattern of past generations, but you don’t invest in your financial education, or you spend more than you make…you will probably repeat the pattern.

In the lotto winner scenario they’ll begin to spend less than they earn, create a plan to payoff debt, and study solid money management principles.

Your Friends = Your Future Life

It has been said that you can predict your future by looking at the friends you spend the most time with and the books you read.  I am not saying kick your friends to the curb.  I am saying pay attention to your friends.  What are their habits?  How do they handle their finances?  What type of relationships do they have?  Can you depend on them?

When you are preparing for success you begin to spend more time with people that encourage you, challenge you, and have habits that will lead to successful living.  If you don’t want your future looking like that, then you may want to seek to add friends who do, and/or encourage your current friends to grow with you.

In the lotto winner scenario, this person will begin to surround themselves with people who successfully manage their money.

No Matter What It Looks Like, Keep Trying

What happens when you run into setbacks?  Do you stop, or do you keep trying?  When you are prepared for success, you keep trying.  Circumstances, or the way things appear, do not hinder your actions or your pursuit.  Mario Chalmers, of the Miami Heat, missed his first 3 shots in the NBA Finals game the other night, but that didn’t stop him from shooting and trying to help his team.  He ended the game as the hero by scoring over 20 points, making several key shots along the way.

Have you submitted many resumes only to be rejected?  Keep sending more.  Have you been looking for your dream home, in a safe, affordable neighborhood, but haven’t found it?  Keep searching, keep house-hunting.  Has everybody rejected your business idea?  Keep working on it, keep networking, and presenting your ideas.

In the lotto winner scenario, the goal is not to “win the lottery“, but to become financially independent.  The person who is prepared continues to develop good financial habits, no matter how much money they have, and reaches financial independence whether they win the lottery or not.  More than likely they’ll realize they have a better chance by not playing the lottery.

The Danger of Not Being Prepared

If your actions are not “saying” you are prepared, if your friends are living a life that conflicts with the life you want, or if you quit every time it looks bleak, then you do not want what you hoped for to happen!  That can be the worst thing that can happen to you.  The lottery winners are a perfect illustration of that.  But if you GET prepared, then I believe you will not only GET what you hoped for, but you will be able to enjoy every bit of it.

I encourage you to take a look in the mirror, and see if you are ready for success.  If not, then “GET Ready For Success…It Is Coming!

Question:  What one action can you do today to help you GET ready for success?  Please share in the comment section below.



Jun 21, 2012