4 Secrets My Wife Knows About Having a Happy Husband


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In marriage, you go through different seasons and stages.  I refer to them as  The 7 Rings of Marriage™.  My wife and I have worn all 7 rings. And all of them aren’t pretty, some are down right ugly, nasty, and just difficult. But this season, this “ring of marriage” that we are wearing now is one of the best. Without a doubt, I can say (loudly) that I am a happy husband!

It is sad to me that so many couples don’t make it to this point in their marriage. Many statistics say marriages end in divorce at a rate close to 50%, and most of those divorces happen in the first four years of marriage. Honestly, at four years you haven’t even gotten started.

How to have a happy husband

My marriage has shifted over the years from survival mode, to this marriage stuff is the BOMB, to I want all marriages to experience a great and happy marriage. Through it all, I’ve noticed there are some secrets to having a happy marriage. Here are 4 secrets to a happy husband.

  1. Know where your marriage is. I have been pretty naive in our relationship. I wasn’t always aware of what ring we were wearing. I seem to always be caught up in the moment of trying to live, feed my family, and make things happen. But as we’ve grown and matured I’ve been more reflective. It has allowed me to see the big picture and understand the struggles we are facing at the time aren’t our permanent situation. Sometimes my wife is who brings me to this realization. Knowing where we are in our marriage and that we are still growing has made me a happy husband.
  2.  Be willing to be #2. Without a doubt I do not come first in my wife’s life. And neither do our kids, or my mother-in-law. Her relationship with God comes before me, our kids, and everybody else. Because of this she can love and respect me through all my my issues, which I have a lot of.  Having a wife who loves God above all else makes me a happy husband.
  3. Be a (prayer) warrior. Sometimes we’ll be sitting at the table and all of a sudden I’ll hear her over there mumbling something. I look up and she is praying. Praying because she received a request to pray for someone, or because something troubled her, or because the kids are acting crazy. I am not as big a prayer warrior as her, but I love it, and I know the power in prayer.  Having a praying wife makes me a happy husband.
  4. Never…ever ever ever…make it about you! The biggest relationship killer is selfishness. I have an issue with it myself. Fortunately, I married one of the most selfless people you will ever come across. Honestly, sometimes her concern for others frustrates me because it puts her in bad positions. But I know without a doubt the genuine and selfless person that she is has made me a happy husband.

These secrets apply both to happy husbands and happy wives. Don’t let the statistics on marriage fool you. You don’t have to be a victim of the statistics. Create your own statistics by being a happy husband, loving your happy wife, and sharing your story of a happy marriage.

The Secret to a Happy Wife

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Jan 10, 2014