200 Posts and A Marriage Book With Your Help


This post happens to be my 200th post on this site.  After one year of blogging, I have to say I am really excited about what my blog has become.  JackieBledsoe.com has become a great group of family leaders looking to better lead their families.  A group of husbands and wives looking to improve their relationships.   As well as many dads and moms becoming better parents.

Your words are important

When I posted my 100th post, I threw a party.  Well, kinda sorta.  I actually opened my blog up for guest bloggers.  For my 200th post, I am going to share something for my readers.  My first marriage book will be released this month, and I am giving it away FREE!  In addition, I am giving my readers, you, the opportunity to be in my book.

Encourage other marriages

You do not have to be a writer, author, blogger, or anything like that.  You just need to be passionate about your marriage, and have a desire to improve it.  All you have to do is share a quote about marriage.  It doesn’t have to be your original quote either.  Something that encourages you, and can encourage others as well.

Below I’ve listed a few encouraging words for marriages:

  • Having a healthy and functional marriage is possible and worth it. [Tweet this]
  • Being married is not the same as being somebody’s baby mama or daddy…it is much better!
  • One of the greatest investments you can make is in your marriage. [Tweet this]
  • Just like a plant, your marriage will not grow without water and light.  Tend to your marriage.
  • Hebrew root of “husband” means champion.  So, all husbands are champions, but not all act like it. [Tweet this]
  • Husband is a man’s first and most important leadership role.
  • Your happiness in marriage will depend on how well you meet the needs of your spouse.
  • Encouraging words will bring a sweetness and healing to your relationship. [Tweet this]

Hopefully those quotes encourage and inspire you to grow your relationship.  We can all use encouragement and inspiration, and you never know when your words can be that saving grace for another couples marriage.

Share our words to help promote and encourage healthy marriages

To share your quotes about marriage leave a comment below.  Your words can be a quote, your feelings on marriage, or even a bible verse.  Anything helping promote and encourage healthy marriages.

Please share this post, so others will have the opportunity to share their words as well.

Question:  Have the words spoken from another couple encouraged you in your marriage?  If so, please share in the comment section below.

photo credit: Nina Matthews Photography via photopin cc

Mar 1, 2013