Where Does Parenting Fit in The 7 Rings of Marriage™?


Do you want to start a heated debate? Bringing up the topic of putting your spouse before your kids can do just that. No matter which side of the fence people are on, they seem to defend their stance fiercely. If you read my posts, then you know I believe your spouse comes before kids. On their Family Life University site, my friends Eric and Marissa Dingler shared one great reason why it should be this way.

When the kids are treated as if they are more important than your spouse, both start to believe it.

Your marriage and parenting

Recently, Stephana and I chatted with the Dinglers for an episode of their School of Parenting Podcast. We discussed having a marriage centered home, and how that type of environment impacts your kids. The marriage relationship is such an important part of your family that the Dingler’s chose it to be their second episode of their parenting podcast.

During our chat we went deep into The 7 Rings of Marriage™, and discussed where parenting fits into them all. In addition, it happened to be the first time my wife and I spoke publicly about The 7 Rings of Marriage™, or any marriage topic. Every other time we’ve spoken about marriage was one on one, or in small groups. So, this interview was kind of a kick off of sorts for us, and we hope a preview of some exciting things to come from both of us.

You are the experts of your marriage and parenting

In the podcast Eric and Marissa called us marriage experts, but I don’t know about that, as sometimes I don’t even feel we are experts of our own marriage! 🙂 Regardless, we unpacked some good stuff, and both of us, and Eric and Marissa walked away inspired and encouraged in our marriage and as parents.

Click this link to listen to the podcast, The 7 Rings of Marriage (Say What? What’s This Got To Do with Parenting?). You learn what can happen when you put your spouse first.

Are you a podcast listener? What types of topics would you like to see me tackle in my new podcast, The Family Leader’s Podcast?

Photo credit: Jessica Johnston Photography

Jan 29, 2014