Talking Love and Basketball with NBA Champs Luke and Bill Walton


Last week I was invited to chat with Hall of Fame NBA Player Bill Walton and is his son, NBA Champion Luke Walton. Bill and Luke are the only father and son combination in NBA history to both win multiple NBA Championships.

We talked about basketball, John Wooden, and their father-son relationship. But we also talked about love, relationships, and how to make your wife happy! Yes, Luke and Bill Walton are schooling us in the love department.

NBA All-Star Game and Valentine’s Day Challenge

Our conversation was part of the NBA All-Star Game and Valentine’s Day Challenge with TelafloraThe Send and Score Challenge. By taking part in this challenge you give yourself a chance to win NBA All-Star game tickets, as well as getting a great gift for your wife.

I really enjoyed our talk. Bill is very engaging, and although we only spoke for a few minutes, he seems to have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of areas.  I shared something with Bill that he didn’t know about his legendary coach John Wooden, which is that my grandfather played High School basketball against John Wooden in the 1920s. He prcceded to share some great lessons he and his sons learned from Coach Wooden.

Below is the video. Be prepared to laugh, to learn, and be entertained! Then click the link to take advantage of the great offer from the NBA and Teleflora.

What gift will you be getting your spouse for Valentine’s Day this year?

Feb 12, 2014