Social Media Etiquette 201: Plant Good Social Media Seeds


I posted earlier in the week about what not to do on social media, I thought there needs to be a post about what to do on social media.  Social media etiquette follows the same principles that lead to good results in other areas of life.  What a person gives a person receives, when you plant an apple seed you get apples, and when you plant a grape seed you get grapes.

How does this translate into social media?  Whether you are using social media for strictly personal reasons or using it to aid your business, we all enjoy when people Follow us, LIKE our status, comment on, Retweet, or Share the things we post.  If those are the things we would like to receive then those are the things we should give.  It is a very simple concept, but overlooked by some when it comes to their social media etiquette.

What are your social media goals?  If your goal is create a large and highly engaged following, then plant those seeds.  Find people you find interesting, people you want to do business with, or people you want to learn from.  Connect with them and interact on their page/profile by reading, liking, sharing, etc. their status’ and content.

How do I know it works?  I have noticed over the last couple weeks, as I have connected with more people and engaged with them, that my Twitter follower count, blog comments, Facebook Page likes, conversations, etc have all increased.  I expect more of the same as I continue to plant these seeds. Whatever results you desire from your social media networking, I encourage you to plant those seeds into others you connect with.  When you plant good seeds you will grow equally good results…just be patient and consistent.

Question: What social media etiquette tips do you have?

Apr 14, 2012